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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Health Update!

        As you know I have been not well health wise and I have not been in the studio much lately but I am going to get a few blogs out this week today's and Fridays and IF I am up to it, I will try and get 1 or 2 more done as long as I feel strong enough but for the most part one more on the docket this week. As for Entertainment Man Podcast I am going to try and post something up this weekend not sure what but I will most definitely explain everything. 

         Friday, I will talk more about Power Rangers Collab a lot to update and as of Monday evening I felt a bit better. Knock on wood I am writing this Monday throughout the day when I felt strong enough to actually write. Now I hope by Friday if I am well enough and more then likely I think I will but touch wood after this rough day I will try and sit down and record something at the end of the week but will not be about the virus I had just a normal topic and it will go up as a bonus episode down the road. For right now if I feel like adding additional blogs I will for right now 2 days ago (Monday), I have decided to do the blogs today tomorrow and Thursday even if I have to do one a day that's fine if I need to but that is the post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Working Long Hours, I Think I am Officially Sick 😳

           After working long hours in this studio of mine, I think I am Officially sick. However let's not jump to conclusions as of yet. I woke up this morning with a sore throat so that isn't good whatsoever. However life goes on and if I need to rest a lot more then I will however I will still be working on things but I have to remember that my health and wellness comes first always. I am going to start taking the Echinea pills to help me as I am suppose to be out of town in Toronto this weekend with a friend. I know this is the wrong time for me to get sick and it is my own fault as I should of wore my warmer coat with it being colder yesterday but again this could of been caught a week to 10 days ago and I have been dressing for the appropriate weather too. I guess it is just a bad luck of the draw and I know how to deal with it. I should of also been taking my vitamin pills as well. Right now I do feel fine right now as it is just a sore throat but yet again it could be nothing honestly just dryness, however never know, however I need to be aware of this and keep an good eye on it so this way I can deal with it quickly and what not. 

          However my health comes first and yesterday was about me resting and the reason the blog was on a stand still. Despite being sick and wanting to sleep all the time, I realize I need to try and get some work done which I need to keep up with Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and it's not hard to do as all I am doing technically is watching the TV Show and taking notes right now. So I will try watch good amount rest for a while then continue on as that is my strategy with it honestly while I am sick and trying to recover from this and I do not think it will last too too long and it will be out of my system by next week at the most and I should be back to normal hopefully moving forward. However today I feel a bit better then yesterday so that is definitely a good thing to be happening as I feel stronger. I am in good spirits while sick and just gotta keep up the good positive spirits up while I deal with that. I plan to rest when I need to and that is probably the best thing to do especially at this moment. 


Saturday, April 20, 2019

Weight Loss Update....

               I know I haven't updated you guys what is going on with my weight loss and no I haven't given up on it and actually I do have an update today not just about how the weight loss but also a plan between now and the start of the summer time, I have a plan honestly. So I will start on the weight side of things right now. Well at this point I am staying between 218 and 220 in weight at this current time but would like to lose more and get below this number. With Easter only less then 24 hours from now, I am off the diet honestly. I will enjoy the day and able to eat as I admit I have been eating healthier and I have been fasting during Lent but with Lent now done, I am going to start eating a lot more healthier starting on Monday and you are probably wondering what do I mean by this? I have been on this blasted diet since 2017 that is nearly 2 years trying to lose the weight but I gotta admit being sick back around Christmas and also with a cold did help me get down to this weight but I know being sick and losing a good amount isn't a good way but what I am trying to say is it has helped me to maintain this weight to this point.

                  Now to the second part of today's post, my goal is to get down to 210 pounds the summer. I know it is quite the goal to aim for. However, I know I can do it if I put my mind to it. I am pretty much taking it one week at a time and if I can lose 1 - 2 pounds  week, I can actually get down there. That is not much to ask per week actually and is a reasonable amount to lose honestly per week and it's not hard. I wanna take it slow as I already know that losing weight too fast isn't good nor healthy. Probably my next goal i to reach 200 pounds as of the fall then whatever from here on out. But I am feeling good about the weight being lower then it has been recently. It is a good feeling and I feel good about myself with losing the weight and more confident as a person. I think when I went through the transition from YouTube to Podcasting, I just stopped caring about my body and not talking care of myself like I am now but I am definitely back on the right track, just gotta keep it going.


Saturday, March 2, 2019

Weight Loss Update

          This is the every 2nd week weight loss update and really no update as I am now still standing at 220.4 pounds right now. I have not moved as of right now. I guess you say, I have maintained the weight, however today, I will be eating out today while on my adventure so that will take a toll, however tomorrow (Sunday), I was planning Pizza  but I am having Pizza tonight for dinner so I am going to put the Pizza with him on hold. More then likely in April him and I will do it or the other option is Big Brother Canada 7 Finale which is too soon to talk about as the season is about to start soon. I just cannot go 3 days in  row eating out my weight change would go up and right now like I said before, I am at a good weight. Now if I weighed 175 pounds probably be OK but 3 days in a row is a bit much but it is my choice and Larry doesn't really know. I made that decision Larry and I do the Pizza but that was before the plan to be out all day came across. I will have to let my parents know of the change of plans for tomorrow. 

         I need to definitely watch my weight and start working on losing more and below the 220 mark but it is a lot of work to be done and I would like to get down to 200 pounds by the end of the year which is a really huge goal that I have but I am planning to do it and I know I can get there. I was down to 219 at one point. Monday I am getting serious about losing the weight. My journey starts on Monday for sure. I am excited to lose more as my knees are better, however I still have the occasional pain and aches still but the more weight I lose the better as it will indeed help the knee situation. I do not think I did a lot of damage as physio has done well and helped but still got a bit of pain but once I lose enough then I should be good. Starting this week, I am going back into my physio exercises I can do here at home 3 times a day to strengthen that core of my knee.  I got goals for this month and it would be nice to lose another 3 pounds this month. Remember I have 20.4 pounds to lose before 2019 is done so I have a bit of a way to go. If I lose more then 20 pounds that's even better for me.


Monday, April 23, 2018

Back Spasm Update & Podcast Scheduling Mishaps

             As you all know I have been dealing with back spasms and it has been extremely hard to stay on track with things lately and I am truly sorry about that but my back is more important to get better and it has been better however, I have fell behind and yet to keep up. Today and tomorrow will be crucial to catching up and staying caught up. Ever since this back spasm I have falling so behind on the podcasts it has been hard to try and keep up with them and this is why I am so behind and half the time I do not use the hashtag #BBCAN6 on twitter anymore too often.

           How am I getting better? I am doing exercise everyday to ensure the spasms are loosened up as it was very, very tightened up but it is totally different then it use to be so it is progressing slowly but surely. It is one step at a time. One side of my back is feeling better, the right side still tightened up but if I keep up with my exercises, 2 - 3 times a day, I will truly feel better and got a better back then I did few weeks back when I was in constant pain.

           I take it one day at a time, I am slower then I am normally but again it doesn't really help the fact I cannot bring out the content to you guys on the schedule I set back at the start of the New Year, but I plan to try and repair the trust I have broken with you guys to being on a timetable that was broken the week before Easter but with my back now on the mend, by the end of this week, I will be back on the right track and having podcasts out on schedule. 


Saturday, April 7, 2018

Personal UPDATE- Bad Back Update!

             Since I believe last week when I told you guys I had some back troubles and it got better then it was, but by Easter it was getting bad again and was a pain in my rear end, especially getting content out to you guys as well, it was a royal pain to sit and type or sit and record a podcast as you know there are still two podcasts missing and today I am bringing out the Survivor: Ghost Island EP # 6 Recap @ 3 pm EST & Big Brother Canada 6 Week # 5 RECAP @ 9 pm EST out to ensure everything is caught up for the following week. 

             I went to the doctor, Thursday night at the clinic to ensure there was nothing really bad happening to my poor back after 2 weeks of suffering with problems with it. So it was the roughest visit to a doctor, my patience was limited, I couldn't sit for a very long time and I just went off at my mom who took time of her evening to take me and get it looked at. Also I went off at the nurses as I wasn't having it... I just wanted to come home where I was comfortable but I finally decided to just get it done and over with. I struggled in the actually examination room, where I told off the nurses, even though they were only trying to help me and get this problem looked at. I wasn't having it Thursday night. The stubborn side of me came out where I just give a darn as I was very much frustrated with being hurt. I even broke down into tears saying it is my fault I let my own fans down with the lack of being on schedule... It really started to hit me wondering if I wanted to continue to with podcasting and the blogs but once I got home I finished one of the podcasts so in the last 2 days I have gotten a podcast out once a day and today obviously I am getting 2 of them out and I will be all caught up with podcasts.

              Now what was the problem with my back? Well I thought I badly wrenched my back to a point I couldn't bend much. However it was actually spasms in my back which were really tight to the point of the said pain I had and where I couldn't bend or move. Also it made me very uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time which I now can sit for a longer period of time and the Dr. she gave me exercises to do at least 2 - 3 times a day which I have started to do. I am truly now on the mend, still sore and stiff but the spasms are now are slowly going away but as long as I continue to keep on up with the exercise for the next few weeks, everything should be better and trust me I will not miss an exercise as I would like to get better and fast.


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Change.... How Do You Change Yourself As A Person?

                 Change, it is such a hard thing sometimes to deal with. I for one have had to deal with changing things in my life and today I will talk about it in today's blog post and how I have overcome and made these changes in my life not just online wise, but also in my personal life as well, I have worked hard to change my life around. 

                   How did I change my life, for one I stopped being friends with the people who always put me down or got mad at me for no apparent reason, no names mentioned from the start of this month but I wanna surround myself with people with people are positive and have a positive affect in my life, if that makes any sense to you guys. Since the Drama on March 2nd with my former friend of almost 15 years, I am starting to question who my true friends are. I mean I am starting to realize who my true friends are these days and I am happy with the people who are my loyal friends and always there for me and there if I need to talk when I am feeling down, they are truly there for me. 

                     Also I felt like I wanted to change the way I eat, to lose weight and in the last year and a bit you have seen me lose the weight and I am still planning to lose more weight just it will take some time but I am already underway with that process and honestly, I feel great as of right now. Last I checked I am at 220 pounds and staying right there at that number right now but that's for the first Monday of the month to update you and what I plan on doing to continue to lose the weight and a little more better pace. But I mean my self esteem as been a lot better recently, I am feeling happier with losing the weight. I have been smiling a lot more. I think what I am trying to say is I am feeling better about myself with the weight loss. 

                    Finally, friendships being tested and confusion who I can and cannot trust in the past year has been one of the biggest issues I have and I think I finally grasped who I can and cannot trust that has been figured out at this point and I am happy with the group of friends I have right now and nothing can change it. Sometimes you gotta change choose friends who constantly get you upset or mad, sometimes you gotta ask are they really worth the stress? Like I always say friends come and go, but new friends will come along the way! They know who they and I mentioned it above for your information everyone but no names to be mentioned but now I have a clear idea who my real true friends are and I am totally grateful for them in my life! They are truly my friends for life both Facebook and Twitter! 💓


Photo Is From: Google, A Quote By Carol Burnett 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

My Favorite Kind of Smoothie I Like To Make

             First of all I apologize for the 2 rant posts back to back but today's blog post is more in the positive side of things, I will be talking about some of my favorite smoothies I like to make and trust me I like a lot of recipes I have done in the past year and I will share them with you today on this post, so without further ado, here is my favorite smoothie recipes:

1) Banana, Orange & Pineapple: The was the first recipe I used for my smoothies and found it really, really good but I got sick of the same recipe that is why I eventually changed the recipe around, but this is a good recipe if you enjoy the tropically kind of drinks. 

2) Banana, Orange, Pineapple & Strawberry: Decided to add strawberry to the recipe and I am a big strawberry fan and always eat it when we buy it at the store or from the local farm.

3) Banana, Orange, Strawberry & Blueberry: Ok on this recipe I felt really uneasy about adding blueberries and the outer part but I consider it as roughage and just deal with it. 

                Those are the 3 favorite recipes I like to make here at home or picking one up at the local smoothie stand at the mall if I am out and about for the day. But if I make it at home, I add to the recipe vanilla yogurt and also ice cubes to it, but if I do not have yogurt here in the house, I add some milk as the base to the smoothie and it works out really well. I know yogurt has good things in it and also gets rid of the nasty bacteria in your body, plus good when you are on a diet, like I am doing right now trying to lose the weight I wanna lose. Also it is very tasty in a smoothie or on it's own. 


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My Mental Health Is No So Good Once Again...

              It's not like I didn't take my meds for my Persuasive Development Disorder (PDD) or also known as autism but today wasn't a great day and my friends ensured me none of this was my fault. But I feel responsible for my actions towards knocking the chair over and dropping my Contiago cup which is medal to the floor spilling the rest of my drink onto the floor making a mess, then grabbing my jacket and walking out the door with me kicking it further on the floor then knocking over the wet floor sign, out the door, then proceeding to kick the garbage can and spill the rest of my drink on the ground from the bottle then the rest of the day is history. 

               Now, I haven't had a mental breakdown this bad since April of last year and it is very concerning to me to when my moods gets this bad but I wonder if it is because of my lack of sleep in the last several days is what could be the culprit behind it as you all know I have been busy with the website recently, podcasts and the blog, I am not surprised I can hold in all this stress in for this long. Only a few people know what is going on with me with the lack of sleep problem but not everyone knew what was going on, only 2 friends if I remember knew about it. Now I ended up scratching my poor hand open and it's the first time since July of last year this has happened which is a good thing, I am not making it a habit of me doing that constantly to myself, so I am learning to not do harm to myself but I need to continue on with sticking to my strategies I have learned in the past year and a half almost now and keeping up with it. Now I walked away, however I could of gone without kicking my cup on the floor or knocking the wet floor sign or kicking the garbage can and things could of been better. But also I could of gone without hurting myself. However with me just deciding to go home, that was a smart move on my part and should of left sooner then sticking around, this could of been prevented but I of course listened to my friends advice and I always appreciate my friends sticking up for me or being supportive of me. 

                 There is a long road to my mental health getting better and I think without friends that turn on me on a dime or wants to cause problems ,I was in a much happier place till today happened. With my current circle of friends and my family supporting me, I know I can not self harm myself, I know I can control my anger and frustrations if people try to start trouble, I gotta just work harder and use my strategies and I know I will be a happier person and always smiling like I have in the past few weeks.

Have a great night!