Saturday, April 20, 2019

Weight Loss Update....

               I know I haven't updated you guys what is going on with my weight loss and no I haven't given up on it and actually I do have an update today not just about how the weight loss but also a plan between now and the start of the summer time, I have a plan honestly. So I will start on the weight side of things right now. Well at this point I am staying between 218 and 220 in weight at this current time but would like to lose more and get below this number. With Easter only less then 24 hours from now, I am off the diet honestly. I will enjoy the day and able to eat as I admit I have been eating healthier and I have been fasting during Lent but with Lent now done, I am going to start eating a lot more healthier starting on Monday and you are probably wondering what do I mean by this? I have been on this blasted diet since 2017 that is nearly 2 years trying to lose the weight but I gotta admit being sick back around Christmas and also with a cold did help me get down to this weight but I know being sick and losing a good amount isn't a good way but what I am trying to say is it has helped me to maintain this weight to this point.

                  Now to the second part of today's post, my goal is to get down to 210 pounds the summer. I know it is quite the goal to aim for. However, I know I can do it if I put my mind to it. I am pretty much taking it one week at a time and if I can lose 1 - 2 pounds  week, I can actually get down there. That is not much to ask per week actually and is a reasonable amount to lose honestly per week and it's not hard. I wanna take it slow as I already know that losing weight too fast isn't good nor healthy. Probably my next goal i to reach 200 pounds as of the fall then whatever from here on out. But I am feeling good about the weight being lower then it has been recently. It is a good feeling and I feel good about myself with losing the weight and more confident as a person. I think when I went through the transition from YouTube to Podcasting, I just stopped caring about my body and not talking care of myself like I am now but I am definitely back on the right track, just gotta keep it going.


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