Sunday, March 25, 2018

Change.... How Do You Change Yourself As A Person?

                 Change, it is such a hard thing sometimes to deal with. I for one have had to deal with changing things in my life and today I will talk about it in today's blog post and how I have overcome and made these changes in my life not just online wise, but also in my personal life as well, I have worked hard to change my life around. 

                   How did I change my life, for one I stopped being friends with the people who always put me down or got mad at me for no apparent reason, no names mentioned from the start of this month but I wanna surround myself with people with people are positive and have a positive affect in my life, if that makes any sense to you guys. Since the Drama on March 2nd with my former friend of almost 15 years, I am starting to question who my true friends are. I mean I am starting to realize who my true friends are these days and I am happy with the people who are my loyal friends and always there for me and there if I need to talk when I am feeling down, they are truly there for me. 

                     Also I felt like I wanted to change the way I eat, to lose weight and in the last year and a bit you have seen me lose the weight and I am still planning to lose more weight just it will take some time but I am already underway with that process and honestly, I feel great as of right now. Last I checked I am at 220 pounds and staying right there at that number right now but that's for the first Monday of the month to update you and what I plan on doing to continue to lose the weight and a little more better pace. But I mean my self esteem as been a lot better recently, I am feeling happier with losing the weight. I have been smiling a lot more. I think what I am trying to say is I am feeling better about myself with the weight loss. 

                    Finally, friendships being tested and confusion who I can and cannot trust in the past year has been one of the biggest issues I have and I think I finally grasped who I can and cannot trust that has been figured out at this point and I am happy with the group of friends I have right now and nothing can change it. Sometimes you gotta change choose friends who constantly get you upset or mad, sometimes you gotta ask are they really worth the stress? Like I always say friends come and go, but new friends will come along the way! They know who they and I mentioned it above for your information everyone but no names to be mentioned but now I have a clear idea who my real true friends are and I am totally grateful for them in my life! They are truly my friends for life both Facebook and Twitter! 💓


Photo Is From: Google, A Quote By Carol Burnett 

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