Thursday, March 22, 2018

I'm Learning, I'm Trying New Things Out!

               This year has been a great year, not just because I have become a successful podcaster but the fact I have tried new things lately and I am proud to say, it feels great to have tried new things. Yes I realize the blog posts haven't been consistent but I am truly trying to bring out the blogging content to you guys as much as I can. 

                I have learned so much about scheduling, keeping to a timetable with regards to the podcast side of things recently. I have either been a day behind or right on schedule. I know there will be a day where there will be 3 podcasts in a day due to the fact I will be out of town either Apr 5th or Apr 12th, 2018 out in the city of Toronto with my former Staff Dave. But other then that, I am very much on schedule with the podcasts. Now website wise, I have learned so much, when I tinker with the website the favorite icon at the top of the website disappears, goes to 000webhost logo or blank. So what I have learned is I have to remove the physical file from the site, re-uploading the icon once again and yes the icon is 100x100, then it works once again. I am not sure if it is a web builder issue or if it has to do with the size of the icon that is beyond me but I figured out a quick fix. Also this week I have been testing out the chat feature but obviously it has been removed as it wasn't getting many hits but thats OK with me, however, I learned through fixing glitches and bugs on the website like turning off the sound for the chat messages, figuring out the size within the code in the back end as well. 

                   Finally for today's blog I have finally learned to try new things out and as you guys know The CBOTW Show Podcast has popped out of nowhere recently as I made the announcement that it has joined the list of Podcasts on and I thought, you know its been nearly 2 years now since starting Everything About Reality TV, so I thought, I got the offer to RECAP Music City from CMT, why not. At first I said no thanks as I had enough on my plate but as of now, I am grateful to be doing it. I shouldn't be afraid to open up and try new things. I just said on Twitter, I am open to advertising on either my website or any of the 2 podcasts, I am running right now. I shouldn't be afraid to try new things and if it doesn't work out then thats fine, but if it does thats great. I am glad I am now open to trying new and innovative things!


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