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Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Binding of Isaac Game Progress Update

            I know it has been a while since I have done an update on The Binding of Isaac but I really do not remember really but I got things moving again and why I have decided to give you guys an update. So I decided to play with Maggie and I just went completely nuts with the game, not only got a ton of hearts on the game but also I got Ipecac which is pretty much a explosive shots and soon as I got it, I thought "Oh yea it's game over!" I was totally right. I not only defeated Mom but Mom's heart on the game and got a chance to fight against Satan or the Devil on the game but did not go any further but hey I got far. With the far and deep run in the game, I have now unlocked a bunch of items which puts me farther into the game and near the half way mark in the game which is definitely good. I also did some runs with Cane and did fairly well despite having 2 hearts to start with but made pretty much a good run but ended up dying but it is about the effort that counts really and that is what is the most important to me at this moment. I do find it hard with only two hearts but hey I am really am trying the hardest I can with it.

           However I am once again finding the fun in this game and finding the challenge with the game. I need to play with different characters, mix things up if that makes any sense to you guys. I seem to find myself playing the same one over and over again and honestly I need to try other characters or challenges that I have left on the game. Once I hit 49.5 then that will be my halfway mark for the game so I am really, really close to the mid way and I want to get to this point. However I need to keep going with this game and not give up. I can say I am actually seeing myself playing a lot more and when I get started I just do not seem to give up whatsoever and I just keep seeing myself playing another run and a another run and so forth. So you can see there it has once again it has become an addiction to the game again lmao just like Warface is another game that is addicting. Anyways that is a small update what is going on and maybe when I get to 75% completed then I will end up on another update but I do not think there will be an update for quite a while now. 


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Everything About Reality TV (Update)

             First of all, I haven't had any updates on how the podcast is doing but it is doing very well in the way of viewers but sometimes the views are slow but I will addressing something else that has to do with that later on on a separate post but once the views comes in then it makes it all worth the wait.  Today however, I wanna talk about the rumors I've heard about Survivor. Now as you know Everything About Reality TV is not just only about Survivor but adding into future years and it is expanding the lifespan of the podcast much longer then I was actually expecting but that's OK! I enjoy making the content for you guys regardless as it is a ton of fun to do, a lot of work.

            Now in the what do I mean by all of this? According to my friend Eric, he said that Survivor is being planned up to Season 42. Now I do not know the source he got it from and if this is true, I will be continuing on to be a very busy person over the next 3 - 4 years up to the year 2020 at the most which is incredible it would continue on this far but hey I will be a very busy body with the Everything About Reality TV Podcast over the next several years from Survivor to Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada, Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US, no matter what there will always be a Reality TV show that will come out for me to RECAP. Currently I confirmed recapping Reality TV for 10 seasons but over the next couple of years, the numbers will increase greatly over the next many years to come!

                 I am very proud how far the podcast(s) have gone and there will be no stopping me now as the podcasts have become quite the popular and I will continue in the nearby future improving and get podcasts out in a fashionable order each and every week. Finally thank you guys for the non stop support on the podcast, I appreciate the love and support for Chris B On The Web!


Thursday, May 3, 2018 Update

           You're all wondering, why the hell is the site taking so long to re-launch Did I quit rebuilding it? Is the project on hold? Was it scrapped? Well I will answer it with a No, it is still being worked on, it is just slower then usual. The website is not scrapped or on hold or I quit the re-building process. Let me tell you there are two of us fixing the site behind the coding of the website and like I said in yesterday's blog post, I was behind on podcasts and let me say after yesterday I am officially caught up to the Friday episode. The schedule I have each and every week it just not allow me to have time to record right now.  

             Like I said from the get go, that I have no timeline to the re-launch of the site as I have said time and time again, the podcasts is what takes the longest time to put together, each and every season, has so many episodes that need to be placed back onto the website. So right now, I cannot even tell you how much longer the site will take as I am probably at least, almost half way, maybe half way now, I would think I am about near or at the half way mark at this point of the process. Also I have been testing, as each and every page is done, making sure of the SEO is set up the way I want it to look. So between the coding process, I am constantly testing closed site and I have opened the website a bit, I won't lie, I have been teasing you guys and I have probably said it time and time again that I have opened the website. For those who have seen the site open a tad, hope you like the tease of what the site will be when it is fully opened and up and operating. Please do note I am back with my former provider 000webhost, I transferred the site work back there due to the IP Bnanning tool does not work on the other provider so I am back on 000webhost and yes the site will be asleep but it will go down for an hour a day as of 3 am EST. Come January I will be moving over to the more permanent home for CBOTW.

             What is going to happen when the site is finished? Well I was thinking of a closed BETA Testing to my former Moderators of the group, so they can help me with finding bugs and problems on the site. Then the site will closed again for fixing any of the bugs on the website, followed by a 12 hour Open BETA for one more quick session to test again, then the site will be closed up for the final bug fixes before the site re-launch is officially announced and the countdown begins then finally the site launches and I will fix any of the site issues on the fly once launched if any do occur or you guys find any, please report them to


Monday, April 9, 2018

Internet Provider The Cause of The Web Builder Not Loading???

                 After troubleshooting why I couldn't edit, I decided this isn't worth the stress anymore and I decided to pull down, due to these on going problems and I am currently working with a new provider to get setup for the remainder of the time I got on my domain Just having a couple of issues right now I need to iron out and once that's done I will be at work building the site on the new provider, away from 000webhost. I think I figured out the problem with the builder but yet other websites and social media worked. Which scratches my head to why everything else works but the web builder on 000webhost doesn't work... Now I ended up having issues with social media and Big Brother Canada's website, but I removed the physical hard wire and it seems to work fine with the WIFI card within my PC, so I think the hard wire is fried and I need a new one or to attach the blue wire. What is the cause of this? Probably my internet as I have said on social media, so it is unknown if I am needing to have my IP Address changed up due to the problems I am having, I think I am going to make the call tomorrow. It wouldn't make a difference, the website is now down and I am moving forward.

                 So am I going to keep my word on what I said? Of course I am, but it may be months down the road when the domain expires but in the meantime you guys have this blog page as the main site for the blog and podcasts till I make the move over to the new provider in 2019. Either way, you guys got some kind of site to go to regardless until I make the switch over to the new provider by early 2019 and trust me it will be even better then the stuff we have had to deal with in the past almost 4 years of being with 000webhost. Actually more then 4 years, I believe I joined when Entertainment Man Productions  (aka The Video Projects Team) was still up and around and enough was enough and it was time to move on from 000webhost and onto a new provider that will be even better then what I had before. So welcome home to the and temporary website for Chris B On The Web until the move to the new site in early 2019 and a timeline will be coming in the very coming few months from now. 


Saturday, April 7, 2018

Personal UPDATE- Bad Back Update!

             Since I believe last week when I told you guys I had some back troubles and it got better then it was, but by Easter it was getting bad again and was a pain in my rear end, especially getting content out to you guys as well, it was a royal pain to sit and type or sit and record a podcast as you know there are still two podcasts missing and today I am bringing out the Survivor: Ghost Island EP # 6 Recap @ 3 pm EST & Big Brother Canada 6 Week # 5 RECAP @ 9 pm EST out to ensure everything is caught up for the following week. 

             I went to the doctor, Thursday night at the clinic to ensure there was nothing really bad happening to my poor back after 2 weeks of suffering with problems with it. So it was the roughest visit to a doctor, my patience was limited, I couldn't sit for a very long time and I just went off at my mom who took time of her evening to take me and get it looked at. Also I went off at the nurses as I wasn't having it... I just wanted to come home where I was comfortable but I finally decided to just get it done and over with. I struggled in the actually examination room, where I told off the nurses, even though they were only trying to help me and get this problem looked at. I wasn't having it Thursday night. The stubborn side of me came out where I just give a darn as I was very much frustrated with being hurt. I even broke down into tears saying it is my fault I let my own fans down with the lack of being on schedule... It really started to hit me wondering if I wanted to continue to with podcasting and the blogs but once I got home I finished one of the podcasts so in the last 2 days I have gotten a podcast out once a day and today obviously I am getting 2 of them out and I will be all caught up with podcasts.

              Now what was the problem with my back? Well I thought I badly wrenched my back to a point I couldn't bend much. However it was actually spasms in my back which were really tight to the point of the said pain I had and where I couldn't bend or move. Also it made me very uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time which I now can sit for a longer period of time and the Dr. she gave me exercises to do at least 2 - 3 times a day which I have started to do. I am truly now on the mend, still sore and stiff but the spasms are now are slowly going away but as long as I continue to keep on up with the exercise for the next few weeks, everything should be better and trust me I will not miss an exercise as I would like to get better and fast.


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Update On My Situation On My Glasses

           So I know I may have gone a tad over board with the post the other day but there is an update and it is a positive update for once and it is actually good news I got on the home front this time around. As you know my new glasses dilemma and I went full out complaining about it but that's all changed and I got some news I would like to share in this blog post. 

            The money has gone through for my new glasses and I am actually excited to now be going to get my new glasses and to do away with this pair of glasses I got right now as I said it falls apart from time to time but I am ready for a new pair of glasses as I want glasses that actually function. Now what do they look like? It is hard to explain without showing a picture to you guys but it is silver frames, they are frameless at the bottom but their are frame at the top of the lenses, so partial frames, like I said it is hard to explain without showing you a picture of it which at this moment, I do not have a picture of it but I will be sure and I am sure I will have a picture of me wearing em on Instagram at some point when I get them. Now am I excited for my new pair of glasses? Of course! It was over due as in the last 2 years my glasses showed it's wear and tear and I am sure due for a new pair. What I am the most excited about this new pair of glasses is the fact I will have the transitional lens which means it will transition with the brightness outside aka the sun when it is sun, so my glasses will transition into sunglasses when I am outside. 

              So in conclusion to today's blog post everything did work out in the end and I need to be more on the positive side and with a bit of communication, everything worked out with a bit of communication with my social worker at Disability and my parents were there to help and really went to bat for me as this went beyond ridiculous and finally this is going to be settled once and for all. I am excited to share with you guys when I get my new glasses and pictures and trust me I will be blogging this exciting change in my life and I am going to try remain more positive in my posts as I haven't positive this week much.

Have a great day!


Monday, January 22, 2018

Weight Loss Update (01-22-2018)

                   Not much to report on with the weight loss, I am between 221 and 223 pounds, which mind you it is better then 239 pounds like I was before, but it is hard to surpass this number but I am trying my hardest and one goal I made is to have one fat day where I can eat whatever I want that is usually on Sundays as sometimes Larry pops over from time to time, depending on his schedule. 

                    I haven't really changed what is in my diet is with the amount of calories I intake everyday, trying to stay at 1800 as much as possible over the last little while but minus the one day a week I have for a fatty day but other then that I make sure I follow it to a tee and make sure I do not cheat on my diet whatsoever. My thoughts is, the faster I can get to my weight goal which is 170 pounds, the faster I do not have to worry about following my diet anymore. Trust me losing this weight has helped my right knee out quite drastically and I am not in as much pain as I use to be and sometimes I go weeks without problems which is a good thing honestly! Now I honestly try and avoid having bread as much as possible, but I do not cut it completely, I have my 2 piece of bread once a week, then usually down to the one piece, especially when or if it is toast I am having. One other thing I try and do is not eat after dinner unless its my lightly salted sunflower seeds or a fruit like a banana that I just finished up while typing today's blog post. 

                   One thing I could be better at is being out and being active and going for more walks and getting the exercise I need but I am always out and about almost everyday lately as things gotta get done, whether I need to run to Staples or go to an appointment or two depending on the day or what is on tap for the day. Yes I try to avoid eating out but if worse comes to worse, I at least grab half a sub from Subway but that is very rare of the time it happens. Sub isn't too bad anyways, as long its like a ham or turkey sub but other then that, that would be what I usually have but I am not a big Turkey fan so it would be a ham with mustard lettuce and cheese on it, sometimes red onions but again that is in the rare circumstances if I forget to eat and I am really starving. But other then that, the diet is doing well, slow but slow is better then losing the weight fast as it is not very healthy thing to do. Please note I am going to do these weight loss updates at the start of the month instead of weekly as things can fluctuate each and every week.  


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Feeling Good!

        With the recent events that has gone on, I am starting slowly come around and be a bit happier then I have been over the last 4 days.  However, I am still depressed on and off and my sleep has been completely derailed in the last few days, meaning someday's I sleep normal, some nights I sleep at 6 pm till midnight then up throughout the night. However I am more up and open to talking to my parents compare to the last few days I've been very quiet but today I am very talkative person and more open to talking to my friends, neighbors and family.  Today I also feel like podcasting, like getting the podcasts that are missing up on,, & TuneIn! Which surprised me entirely that I wanted to get caught up with the missing podcasts that were missing and as of tonight I will be caught up on last week but tomorrow I am doing my Amazing Race 29 Preview Podcast and of course my Survivor Game Changers Recap Podcast but I have to take one thing at a time and in time I will be entirely caught up with podcasts right to the end of the week and I can rest easy on the weekend. There will be no more preview podcasts to worry about till the summer time when BB19 and Amazing Canada comes out so it will not be a worry. Yea I am still depressed and stressed out but I cannot leave my site as it is with no content so right now I am playing catch up. But being back in the saddle of the podcast and I am finally getting back to normal slowly. I think I will end up going back onto FB Sunday, think a week will be good enough of a break for me and everything will go back to normal and I will not have to worry about the people causing me drama anymore.

Sorry for the short post but have a great night!