Thursday, May 3, 2018 Update

           You're all wondering, why the hell is the site taking so long to re-launch Did I quit rebuilding it? Is the project on hold? Was it scrapped? Well I will answer it with a No, it is still being worked on, it is just slower then usual. The website is not scrapped or on hold or I quit the re-building process. Let me tell you there are two of us fixing the site behind the coding of the website and like I said in yesterday's blog post, I was behind on podcasts and let me say after yesterday I am officially caught up to the Friday episode. The schedule I have each and every week it just not allow me to have time to record right now.  

             Like I said from the get go, that I have no timeline to the re-launch of the site as I have said time and time again, the podcasts is what takes the longest time to put together, each and every season, has so many episodes that need to be placed back onto the website. So right now, I cannot even tell you how much longer the site will take as I am probably at least, almost half way, maybe half way now, I would think I am about near or at the half way mark at this point of the process. Also I have been testing, as each and every page is done, making sure of the SEO is set up the way I want it to look. So between the coding process, I am constantly testing closed site and I have opened the website a bit, I won't lie, I have been teasing you guys and I have probably said it time and time again that I have opened the website. For those who have seen the site open a tad, hope you like the tease of what the site will be when it is fully opened and up and operating. Please do note I am back with my former provider 000webhost, I transferred the site work back there due to the IP Bnanning tool does not work on the other provider so I am back on 000webhost and yes the site will be asleep but it will go down for an hour a day as of 3 am EST. Come January I will be moving over to the more permanent home for CBOTW.

             What is going to happen when the site is finished? Well I was thinking of a closed BETA Testing to my former Moderators of the group, so they can help me with finding bugs and problems on the site. Then the site will closed again for fixing any of the bugs on the website, followed by a 12 hour Open BETA for one more quick session to test again, then the site will be closed up for the final bug fixes before the site re-launch is officially announced and the countdown begins then finally the site launches and I will fix any of the site issues on the fly once launched if any do occur or you guys find any, please report them to


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