Wednesday, May 2, 2018

I Truly Need To Be More Organized With Everything Involving CBOTW!

               I haven't been ever since just before Easter, not the most organized person in the entire world recently, however, I am wanting to rectify all of the issues and lack of organization fixed and fast, I do not want to lose the fan base whatsoever and this year I have had tons of love and support this year so far so I know you guys are being patient and yes I am still new to the podcasting world but this is ridiculous of being not on schedule. I will explain a few of my faults.

              First fault I would like to note is when the week leading up to Easter Sunday, I was away from the studio quite a lot over the course of the week and I didn't schedule things too well. I could of released Survivor in the late Afternoon, which I was suppose to but I didn't. Next was the Big Brother Canada 6 RECAP, I had to re schedule with being away in Toronto and was aiming at Saturday afternoon to record and non of that was done. The next fault I made, was the week I was out of town at the Big Brother Canada Live Eviction which I cannot talk about production (Sorry!) but I was away for that and I just didn't recover from it since. Also note that was the time I was dealing with my back woes which you guys know a lot about by now, that has been a factor in  the scheduling has been extremely poor and I understand your frustration over it. Let me say I stayed up all night last night during the night to just get things done and plus I just couldn't sleep as I had a lot on my mind. Yes a lot of the things on my mind, is the website, being behind on podcasts, getting blog posts out, getting ready for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers so there is a lot going on in my head 24/7.

               My first thing I want to fix the scheduling with the podcast as it was a mess and content out on time is my number priority from anything else with Chris B On The Web and hopefully by end of this week, I will have accomplish that goal with being on schedule as I enter the Finale Week for Everything About Reality TV Big Brother Canada 6 Recaps and I am planning to record this morning, edit as much as I can this morning, finish up when I get home then up in the evening before I am in bed. Then Thursday morning, back to the regular routine tomorrow morning with Survivor Ghost Island, lets hope lets me uploads. Then Friday morning recording it it goes up in the evening then next week is a new week! That is my plan and I plan to stick to it and start fixing what I have messed up little over a month ago.


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