Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I Need To Be More Patient With Everything!

           I know I am a very inpatient person at time, especially right now with the recent website delay of the rebuild and i know it feels like a freakin month which I believe it is close to a month now since I initiated the site to make a return. The part that takes forever is the amount of the podcast episodes I have done in a very, very short time. I know you guys know I am very heavily involved with the operations of both Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show, well you know I am the Executive Producer of both podcasts, so I have a heavy say what goes on. 

          I know I have been hyping up the return of the website quite a lot and teasing you guys with opening the site partially to give you all an idea what it is going to look like with the new Grey Background of the website. I have had a bit of help but with them recently quitting, I am now back on my own to do all the dirty work of the website.  I know it is quite a lot going on with both the podcasting and blogging world between working on the site, but i have to realize, the blogs and podcasts come first as content is what keeps you guys happy and content each and everyday and you love to hear what I think of things and trust me over the next 2 days, I got 2 great blog posts that have to tie into this topic today. 

          Yes I have to be patient through this very, very long process of building the website, there will be coding, then testing, coding, more testing, its a repetitive process and i wish I can launch one page at a time but I rather have a fully re-built website before I actually launch but yes I started to tease you guys with the website open a tad. I am giving you guys a taste. But patience is very essential this time around as I probably have mentioned on Social Media, the Late Winter/Spring are the busiest times on the year for me in the way of podcasting as I not only cover the actual episodes of Big Brother Canada but the live feeds as well, so I am working double shift 16 - 18 hours of everyday and sometimes it is hard to sleep at night too but podcasts and the blog posts come first in my books before the site being fixed up but I am working hard on the site, it will take sometime but I gotta remember, Patience is a Virtue or slow and steady wins the race (Even though I am not racing to get it done!) 


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