Sunday, April 29, 2018

Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show Announcement (Apr 29th/18)

            I have been thinking about everything very clearly lately and I made this decision and it was hard as I have been thinking about it and here is the Big Announcement I have been holding back for the past couple of weeks, dreading making the announcement but why would I hold back an announcement that is great news? Because it is very exciting news to be coming out to you guys.

          So the news is I am renewing Everything About Reality TV Podcast for Season 7 & 8, that's right I am renewing the podcast for the Summer 2018 season, but not only the Summer, but also the Fall 2018 season too. In today's blog I will be covering which Reality TV shows I will be covering for each season and plus an idea I got in my head but not sure if it is possible for it to happen but we will have to see. Also The CBOTW Show will be more on the active side after it only had a few week stint On-Air.

Summer 2018:

             This summer I will be covering once again, like I did last year Big Brother (Big Brother 20) and also will be covering Amazing Race Canada 6 as i normally plan on doing each and every summer for you guys. Now I have been talking to my parents and there may be plans to go away but with the upcoming kitchen renovations coming up, that may prove to not happen possibly. If I can find someone I may find someone to cover Big Brother US 20, just to take the pressure off of me and you never know my team could even start growing again as there is something you guys do not really know yet but I will tell you guys in time what I mean. Even if I do not go away, still would be nice to give someone an opportunity to help out but if not that's fine. I am ready to make the moves and rebuild the team from the ground up. The CBOTW Show Podcast will be seeing 3 brand new episodes of the podcast as myself and Larry will be starting up a Power Rangers Talk on the podcast 4 times a year.  This summer we will talk about The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 3 parts on 3 different weeks in a 2 week interval. 

Fall 2018:

               In the Fall, as it has been recently announced that Survivor will be back in the fall for Season 38 and I already assume and know that it is for Season 37 & 38 which puts a big smile on my face to be actually able to recap Survivor once again. Now YES! I am aware that Amazing Race has been renewed for Season 31 and do not know when it will air as it has been left off the schedule for right now until I know when it will air on TV again. Also in the fall, The CBOTW Show Podcast will be back to scheduled episodes with the Hell's Kitchen 18 Recaps returning to Chris B On The Web. So a busy and hectic Fall and Summer but a fun 2 season for both of the podcasts and I hope you guys enjoy the episodes! 

Chris "The Media Man"

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