Friday, April 27, 2018

The Plan & Future of Chris B On The Web's Podcasts...

             I hate to make this announcement but it has to be done and it is one of the hardest announcements to make at this time but it has to happen. As you know, the CBOTW Podcasts are on, ITunes & Player FM and is where the RSS Feed is from. is the main feed which is fed to the other 4 platforms. So as you know by social media aka Twitter, I couldn't upload to and frankly, I am was not one bit happy and it doesn't look good on me and for those who were on the platforms that were subscribed I feel bad for you guys not getting the CONTENT you wanna hear. 

         So what is the plan for the nearby future? Well with the website now not in limbo and I am on a more sturdy web builder for right now at least, till end of the year till i move to the more permanent home, this website will have to do for now and I don't mind it at all, whatsoever, it stalls the time from one site to another. But back to the talk about what if goes down on me again in the nearby future where I cannot upload a podcast to their website. Well the plan is will always be the alternative website for the content and it is guaranteed of being up 24-7 and you guys can always check on there if you do not see a podcast up with, TuneIn, ITunes or Player FM. There is my website which is the heart and soul of CBOTW and always will be the heart and soul. 

           Please note that I did email support right away to make them aware of the situation and that I couldn't and I am nothing but thankful for their quick and effective response to my email so things can be figured out and resolved quite quickly.  This is the plan for the future of CBOTW and I plan on changing things around so everything is still coming out as normal, but just will not be on the 4 platforms if I cannot upload it to the platform. So this is the move I am taking for right now, If I need to tweak in the nearby future I will be sure to let you guys know before anymore changes are made, it was quick on the spot this happened. 


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