Thursday, April 26, 2018

High School Traveling To Classes (Throwback Thursday Story)

         I don't think I ever talked about this in the blog but this is once again another THROWBACK Thursday Story for you guys! This one is a cool one and it is in two parts, the first paragraph will contain the travel music, the second part the other music they played during travel to classes at the start of the day and after Lunch. 

         So just after the warning bell, just before the period starts they played the William Tell Overture which was created by Giachino Rossini which is very easy to YouTube the tune but in case click this Link To William Tell Overture if you don't know what the tune is like but trust me it is the theme to the old TV Show and they also did a movie while back,  "The Lone Ranger" which is that is where the history of the song came from. So yes they played it just before first period and right after Lunch just as we were traveling to 3rd period class so it made traveling to class a lot more fun I guess you would say. Did I not like hearing the song from time to time, yes, just because towards the end of the year before summer came around I was just fed up of hearing it but it is a good way to make sure the slackers as Mr Strickland from Back To The Future would say, get to class and I knew a few students who liked to skip classes, especially from my BIC Class (Behavioral Intervention Class) and my Homeroom as well who were skippers.... SMH! I was actually the first person from that class to graduate out of BIC, so I had the great honor of being the first person to graduate from the BIC Program there at O'Neill C.V.I. 

            Now latter half of O'Neill they did this fundraiser if we fill up this big water jug which is used for the water coolers they will stop playing MmmBop by Hanson. I pretty much brought in every single penny (which still existed back then, as we do not use the penny here in Canada anymore), nickel, dime, quarter into the office so they can just stop playing the stinkin song. I was sick of it, the students got sick and tired, I think there was enough complaints they stopped playing the song all together which mind you it was a relief to hear that they stopped it. 

             It was definitely interesting way to  travel from and to class and I got plenty of High School and College throwback stories to tell and please let me know in the comments below what other throwback stories you would like to hear, whether it is High School, Elementary School or even College, I will be more then happy to tell it. I am very much an open book to my days in School and I got a few other ideas in mind as I was searching through old posts on my blog so I got a clear idea what other posts I could do in the nearby future. 

Chris "The Media Man"

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