Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Toronto Blue Jays Last Couple of Games

           I was asleep obviously before the game even finished up for the night but I woke up this morning and realized that actually the Blue Jays beat the Red Sox 4 - 3. A win is a win and we will take it. But it was a very good game by the sounds of it. Jays are going to become a great team in the next year or so, they got young talent who wanna win. I know they have had difficulty beating the Yankees but in time they will beat em. Yankees have Aaron Judge and a bunch of other good players. 

            Yankees however, what I heard there is a bit of drama between the Manager since Joe Girardi the former Manager wasn't resigned as manager for this season so the new manager and the players, their seem to be a bit of arguing between the players which is probably why the team unity isn't all there. Both my dad and I thought the Yankees were going to win it all this year with Aaron Judge being their big name player that can help them to another World Series but with the Jays now ahead of the Yankees but not by much but they are second in the AL East Division right now. If they can continue on and keep on winning and actually win the series, they will be closer to the top to Boston.  I am not giving up on the Jays, don't worry, they actually surprised thus far in the season and it is still fairly early in the year to be giving up on them at this point. 

             Jays are vibrant team, with experienced players to help them along the way. Granderson is one of the players who had a walk off home run last night which gave em the big W, which we will take it. I don't mind them rallying after the 7th, it makes watching the game even more and more exciting and yes I watched the majority of the game before nodding off in my bed early last night around 930 pm so I got to see a lot of the game but will be flipping around between Big Brother Canada, Survivor & The Hockey and baseball game. I will be discussion the Leafs final game on Friday's blog post as tomorrow is THROWBACK Thursday blog post!

Chris "The Media Man" 

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