Monday, January 22, 2018

Weight Loss Update (01-22-2018)

                   Not much to report on with the weight loss, I am between 221 and 223 pounds, which mind you it is better then 239 pounds like I was before, but it is hard to surpass this number but I am trying my hardest and one goal I made is to have one fat day where I can eat whatever I want that is usually on Sundays as sometimes Larry pops over from time to time, depending on his schedule. 

                    I haven't really changed what is in my diet is with the amount of calories I intake everyday, trying to stay at 1800 as much as possible over the last little while but minus the one day a week I have for a fatty day but other then that I make sure I follow it to a tee and make sure I do not cheat on my diet whatsoever. My thoughts is, the faster I can get to my weight goal which is 170 pounds, the faster I do not have to worry about following my diet anymore. Trust me losing this weight has helped my right knee out quite drastically and I am not in as much pain as I use to be and sometimes I go weeks without problems which is a good thing honestly! Now I honestly try and avoid having bread as much as possible, but I do not cut it completely, I have my 2 piece of bread once a week, then usually down to the one piece, especially when or if it is toast I am having. One other thing I try and do is not eat after dinner unless its my lightly salted sunflower seeds or a fruit like a banana that I just finished up while typing today's blog post. 

                   One thing I could be better at is being out and being active and going for more walks and getting the exercise I need but I am always out and about almost everyday lately as things gotta get done, whether I need to run to Staples or go to an appointment or two depending on the day or what is on tap for the day. Yes I try to avoid eating out but if worse comes to worse, I at least grab half a sub from Subway but that is very rare of the time it happens. Sub isn't too bad anyways, as long its like a ham or turkey sub but other then that, that would be what I usually have but I am not a big Turkey fan so it would be a ham with mustard lettuce and cheese on it, sometimes red onions but again that is in the rare circumstances if I forget to eat and I am really starving. But other then that, the diet is doing well, slow but slow is better then losing the weight fast as it is not very healthy thing to do. Please note I am going to do these weight loss updates at the start of the month instead of weekly as things can fluctuate each and every week.  


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