Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Why Do I Want To Go Back To School?

            There are a lot of reasons, why I wanna go back to school and I am going to talk about it in today's blog post, now that I got time to start writing blog posts earlier with the completion of the website re-building process. 

             The first reason I would like to give you all for the reason I want to return back to school is I wanna learn, I want to expand my education, I want to learn something that can help me get a job out there in the working world, even if I work from home in the long run. Now what am I planning to take? Well, I am planning on taking web design, as you all know I have been running a website since 2008/2009 and learned the HTML, Javascript and IFrame on my own via the internet and also YouTube as well. 

             The next reason I wanna give you is finding work here in Ontario and/or Canada is not overly great, it is a tough world out there to find work, I am lucky I had that 4 week job trial but unfortunately quitting after 4 weeks or the contract came to an end. I have made going back to school my number priority to eventually go back to school if finding a job doesn't work out for me.  What steps do I have to take to get to this step? well, I have to possibly go back to high school class for college English in order to apply to the program I want to take at a college but that's OK with me though. It takes baby steps and I know I can get through these small bumps and then move into the world of being a college student once again for the 2 year web design program. It would be our local college I went to for the CICE Program as it would probably fit me better, however I could do online studies from another college from Toronto but not sure if it will best suit me if I did online studies.

              I may have had not many reasons for going back to school but the one reason is to try and start earning a living, moving out on my own, being on my own, hopefully get a girlfriend one day. But the most important thing is I want to better my skills at building a website and learning new elements to building a website.


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