Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Binding of Isaac Game Progress Update

            I know it has been a while since I have done an update on The Binding of Isaac but I really do not remember really but I got things moving again and why I have decided to give you guys an update. So I decided to play with Maggie and I just went completely nuts with the game, not only got a ton of hearts on the game but also I got Ipecac which is pretty much a explosive shots and soon as I got it, I thought "Oh yea it's game over!" I was totally right. I not only defeated Mom but Mom's heart on the game and got a chance to fight against Satan or the Devil on the game but did not go any further but hey I got far. With the far and deep run in the game, I have now unlocked a bunch of items which puts me farther into the game and near the half way mark in the game which is definitely good. I also did some runs with Cane and did fairly well despite having 2 hearts to start with but made pretty much a good run but ended up dying but it is about the effort that counts really and that is what is the most important to me at this moment. I do find it hard with only two hearts but hey I am really am trying the hardest I can with it.

           However I am once again finding the fun in this game and finding the challenge with the game. I need to play with different characters, mix things up if that makes any sense to you guys. I seem to find myself playing the same one over and over again and honestly I need to try other characters or challenges that I have left on the game. Once I hit 49.5 then that will be my halfway mark for the game so I am really, really close to the mid way and I want to get to this point. However I need to keep going with this game and not give up. I can say I am actually seeing myself playing a lot more and when I get started I just do not seem to give up whatsoever and I just keep seeing myself playing another run and a another run and so forth. So you can see there it has once again it has become an addiction to the game again lmao just like Warface is another game that is addicting. Anyways that is a small update what is going on and maybe when I get to 75% completed then I will end up on another update but I do not think there will be an update for quite a while now. 


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