Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Johnny's Western Burger and Fries Food Review

            Yesterday I went out for lunch with my friend Eric as an early birthday celebration and I have been here before in the past about 2 months before and yes I have been at Johnny's before that too with my worker and my family so I am very familiar with the establishment and the fact it is very close to Eric's place is a plus especially when it came to the Survivor Premiere and the Big Brother 21 Finale! Anyways the last time I was there I actually had a Corn Beef on Rye with Fries which were really good and I enjoyed it. Now to this review, I had a Western Burger. One thing I found with the burger, it fell apart so I am wondering if it was overcooked so I wasn't overly pleased by hey I still ate it regardless and the Peameal Bacon made up for the overcooked burger. Hey at least it wasn't RAAAW! as Gordon Ramsey would say. Anyways I probably give it a 3 out of 5 and I am being generous as I still enjoyed dessert so there was a bonus to that but other items I have had off the menu in the past so this time I wasn't happy but doesn't mean I wasn't happy before because I was very satisfied the last time around. The fries were just perfect for me, crispy and really delicious. They get a 5 out of 5 together. 

               However dessert I once again had the Apple pie which is a huge piece of pie honestly. However I did enjoy it this time around. I actually gave it a 10 out of 5 as I enjoyed it the first time around but this time around, still a 10 out of 5 so in total of the two times, I would give it out a 20 out of 10, 10 out of 5 each time. It was nice and fresh, Apples were really fresh and yummy inside the pie. They don't give you a small slice either it is a really huge slice of pie and that' fine with me I enjoyed every bite of it. I would definitely have the pie for dessert again next time I went there for sure. However I do not think I would have the burger again as it fell apart, it seemed dry and overcooked to me but that could be me all together. The staff there definitely get full 5 as they were amazing and we actually saw the Manager or it could of been the owner there yesterday and super nice to us and let us hang and take out time to finishing up our meal. Definitely go back and do another review for a different item on the list. There is my review and I hope you guys really enjoyed it and look forward to another one very soon and never know I may just do a Teddy's review next week when I go with my neighbor for lunch.

- Chris

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