Wednesday, December 4, 2019

I am not ready to turn 34!

            With tomorrow being my 34th birthday I just do not feel ready to turn 34. I know I have no choice but I am getting a year older but this year is just going to be an odd year as I asked for mount which I know is here already but it will not be able to be used at the time as right now my desk is a piece of crap, which needs to be repaired so the mount will be sitting around till the desk is repaired or I get a new one. Plus this birthday I will be in the middle of this reno and my dad has insisted I take the day off but either way I gotta work on the podcast at the most as Survivor will have to be out as the show must go on and also a blog post as always so that is pretty much all I can really do for the day. However with turning 34, I am planning to do several things that day. One go see my Grandma in the morning for an hour, come home eat, then my parents and I will be going down to the Bulldog for a drink and don't worry I will not get too crazy that night but also for me to enjoy my day and have fun. Finally I am sure my brother and my niece and nephew will be by to visit for my birthday and not my sister in law as we know she will be at work still however next year my birthday is on a weekend so will get to see all 4 of them.

             Either way I should be excited for my birthday even if I DO not want to turn 34 but either way remember I have to turn 34. Also if I think about it 34 is Auston Matthews number on the Toronto Maple Leafs so there is a bonus to it all in the end as Auston Matthews is one of my favorite Toronto Maple Leafs of all time on top of John Tavares being my second favorite. At this time while this post goes out to you guys I am probably on the road once you read this post so to be clear this has been written about 2 days ago. I promise for tomorrow's post to a bit of a longer post but that is why I am not ready to turn 34 but really in the end I have no other choice to turn 34. 


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