Saturday, November 30, 2019

What To Do With Turkey Left Overs!

               I was thinking about it and talking to Rocky about this as ideas are hard as I am not relying on my white board right now due to it being on the other side of the basement which mind you is greatly damaged and I need to replace it when the studio is fully renovated but going to see if i can make use of it for a while. The reason I am bringing up the whiteboard is that is how I keep track of what I am posting up everyday of the week and yes I got ideas still but hard to reach my book on a regular basis. Anyways after talking to him it came to my mind that this week it was the American Thanksgiving and if you cannot tell I am Canadian but I always make a social media post about it. Anyways we celebrate American Thanksgiving as we have family in the mid north west of the States. You are seeing where I am going with this post I'm sure. Leftover Turkey, what do you do with leftover turkey? I have a couple of things that I could do with the turkey leftovers that are two of my personal faves:

1) Turkey Soup- One of my personal faves and with winter getting close it is definitely nice to have especially on these cooler days now these days especially with it being the fall. All that is in it is broth, green onions and the turkey an there ya go an yummy, yummy soup!

2) Turkey Casserole- I just had this the other day and last night for dinner. It is a turkey casserole which consists of Turkey, stuffing and gravy at the bottom of the casserole dish then put mash potatoes together and it becomes such an amazing dish all together there is another meat casserole I wanna share with you guys but that is similar but completely different from this. 

                  There is my top two favorite things to do with Turkey and I know there are a ton of things that can be used for Turkey leftovers but I wanted to share at least two of them that I enjoy the most and what I can and know what to do with Turkey. However there is a turkey club sandwich which is one other thing that you can do with the turkey. Either way there is ways to use Turkey leftovers and hope this sort of helps and if you try any of these especially the turkey casserole let me know how it went in the comments below and I will be sure to read em all!

- Chris

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