Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Everything About Reality TV (Update)

             First of all, I haven't had any updates on how the podcast is doing but it is doing very well in the way of viewers but sometimes the views are slow but I will addressing something else that has to do with that later on on a separate post but once the views comes in then it makes it all worth the wait.  Today however, I wanna talk about the rumors I've heard about Survivor. Now as you know Everything About Reality TV is not just only about Survivor but adding into future years and it is expanding the lifespan of the podcast much longer then I was actually expecting but that's OK! I enjoy making the content for you guys regardless as it is a ton of fun to do, a lot of work.

            Now in the what do I mean by all of this? According to my friend Eric, he said that Survivor is being planned up to Season 42. Now I do not know the source he got it from and if this is true, I will be continuing on to be a very busy person over the next 3 - 4 years up to the year 2020 at the most which is incredible it would continue on this far but hey I will be a very busy body with the Everything About Reality TV Podcast over the next several years from Survivor to Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada, Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US, no matter what there will always be a Reality TV show that will come out for me to RECAP. Currently I confirmed recapping Reality TV for 10 seasons but over the next couple of years, the numbers will increase greatly over the next many years to come!

                 I am very proud how far the podcast(s) have gone and there will be no stopping me now as the podcasts have become quite the popular and I will continue in the nearby future improving and get podcasts out in a fashionable order each and every week. Finally thank you guys for the non stop support on the podcast, I appreciate the love and support for Chris B On The Web!


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