Thursday, July 5, 2018

What Do I Do If I Get Writer's Block?

             Writing can be tough from time to time and tonight's blog post speaks to it's own words as I found it hard to write on this subject tonight but I will try as hard on this subject as best as I can. Know for those who do not know, I love to write and I don't care if I got 5 or 6 views or 200 views, I just enjoy writing for you guys, my thoughts on what is going on in my life, adventures, topics, rants which mind you there hasn't been any recently but writing gets my inner thoughts going, gets out my ideas and thoughts. 

                Now have I had writer's block? of course I have with writing something in general and also in blogging. I can tell you a little story about the time, I was still was an YouTuber back in the good old days of my early years of online media. Anyways I was always writing when I was a YouTuber, as you know there is a ton of planning when it came to YouTube, especially for me who had his own web series that ran for 6 long seasons and you can probably tell by the end of the series, I was wiped out, hence the reason I took the break from content during the summer between the switch from YouTube to Podcasting. Now blogging wise, yes I do tend to have problems coming up with ideas for posts but it is you guys that inspire me to come up with ideas that is one way I seem to come out of the writer's block side of things. Sometimes I will go out for a walk and the fresh air does seem to get those creative juices once again flowing once again and it does help. Also sometimes I write down my ideas and go with the ones that seem to suit whatever I am writing.

                  You can get past through the writer's block as I have in the past and takes a little time and if you cannot think just walk away for a hour and come back to it or take my advice I said above and hopefully this helps you guys in your journey in writing, whether it is writing stories, a book, blog posts or writing a web series, just remember, you can do whatever you put your mind to it. I have sure come a long way on this blog!


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