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Monday, April 10, 2023

Writers Block

            I know this is a common thing when it comes to writing especially me as a blogger my posts can feel stale at times but I am trying my best to deliver good quality content every day, Monday - Fridays with the occasional Saturday from time to time. Especially having a podcast that I do podcasts it is hard to split the two apart from each other from time to time. I have struggled when it come to coming with ideas and sometimes the best thing is to just sit back and just think about ideas you haven't done. 

            Now it doesn't come naturally sometimes you need to have a notepad and pencil to scratch down some ideas and you don't have to necessarily use it and trust me I've been there where I've not used an idea. In fact I scrapped tons of ideas in the past cause I felt it wasn't the right time to do it or it didn't fit at the time so you guys aren't alone if you scrap an idea cause I've done it numerous of times. Do not give up, it is hard to write sometimes and you have to just leave it as it is and come back to it in in an hour or two. Sometimes you walk away from your pad of paper and while late you're like that's a great idea and that is when you write it down right away so you do not forget it. That is my post on writers block, hope you guys enjoyed this and as usual, I'll talk to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Goals To Accomplish This Week

                With the out of the norm this week with this community being up in arms chaotic and with me taking some time away to reflect and try to figure things out but I am working on smaller things this week and the reason for this post is I have some goals that I'd like to setout and get done this week:

1) Write some more episodes. not sure how many but as many as I really want to write. As long as I write some that is what really does matter and this would be more for Entertainment Man Podcast moving forward when I do not have any pocasts to record.

2) Read Chidi's book so I can get a following interview going in late May. This has been on my list of things to do and get done and if Larry and I need to do an additional recording for the collab in the fall so be it but this is more important right now. 

3) Power Rangers Collab- Samurai Podcast: This is on that long list of it must be edited and its a thorn in my side to edit cause of the bloody length of the podcast cause of a certain co-host goes on and on and on (LOL) Yes I'm calling you out, Larry! hahahaha! But hey it makes it what the podcast is! 

                Those are my goals and no pressure just an easier week after Easter and hope this helps with my mental health and gets me back in a better place  then I have been in lately and we will see when I write Monday's post but we still have tomorrow and the end of the week to do and who knows what it will be. But that is my post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Wednesday, March 23, 2022

What's My Role On The After Show With Amy F?

                What is my role with The After Show With Amy F? A little of everything! 

- Writer: Coming up with questions when she is stumped on questions for each episode, also ideas to help expand the horizon with her podcast in Survivor content. 

- Technical Director: Also if she runs into trouble and that has happened in the early half especially with me on as a guest host I do not know if you guys noticed that echo of my voice well it was cause she didnt have headphones when I was on so that was fixed. Also Skype not picking up the video feed was an issue as well so that was a problematic issue but all figured it out.

- Editor: Got editor privelages, actually I'm an owner on that channel but any revenue goes towards her when she eventually gets and hopefully monetized on YouTube. I can edit the descriptions to help her get more hits, more views as she knows, I've been in the YouTube game for a very long time and she knows and appreciates my help to help this podcast grow. Also editing in the intro which is easy to do and takes second to put together which completes and makes the podcast awesome for Audio ONLY. 

- Fill In Host: Almost happened last week as she had a medical emergency last week that I had to assume the role as Fill In Host and I was ready but she was just fine! I was honored she wanted me to fill in and I am on call if she needs me to assume the role as Fill In/or Guest Host whatever you wanan call that role. 

               I know that there are other roles with the Podcast that I probably didn't say but this is the main roles within the podcast and I am excited to have a role on this podcast and be a part of what is an amazing podcast. I am a Production Staff, I have numerous roles on the podcast and just happy to be a part of this even in the smallest way. Anyways that is my post for today, hope you guys enjoyed this and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


Thursday, August 26, 2021

I Won A Writing Award In Elementary School! (Throwback Thursday)

              Way back I am talking 20 years ago, I wrote stories. It was the photocopier that had it's own life stories and unfortunately they were destroyed by an individual and I never had a chance to re-create that story whatsoever, however I do remember it was a trilogy of 3 of them that I did. If I remember the 3rd one which I do not remember the name of the 3rd book but I remember the fact it was a short story not like a huge book. I really wished I had back-ups of the books on the computer. Anyways I got an award I believe it was for my second story or my 3rd but all I know is I got a trophy and it is on my top shelf and hasn't been brought down in many years but I truly deserved that award I put a lot of effort into all the stories. I might get into re do the stories and maybe I need to put more oomph into it, meaning bigger and better storyline in the short stories so it is definitely a possibility and I plan on doing some writing when I get some free time and that is coming up with me closing in to the finish line of notes for at least 3 of the collabs.

                I just wish I knew the title of the final book but that is gone and I do not remember whatsoever what it is so this might be the opportunity for me to actually come up with a catchy title. Anyways that trophy means the world to me and I never ever wanna let it go. It is a very treasured memento to me and I think it will be something I will treasure for the rest of my life. Actually it was 20 years ago 2 months ago to when I actually won this trophy. I cannot believe it has been that long since I actually won this and there was a photo taken of me with it but it was lost and not sure if the teacher who took it is still there which I can contact her to get it sent to me here and I believe she could of now retired from teaching so it is a disappointment but I can always take one now of me now with it and maybe it is just time for me to take a picture of me with it 20 years later. Anyways that is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow on the last post of the week. 


Thursday, July 5, 2018

What Do I Do If I Get Writer's Block?

             Writing can be tough from time to time and tonight's blog post speaks to it's own words as I found it hard to write on this subject tonight but I will try as hard on this subject as best as I can. Know for those who do not know, I love to write and I don't care if I got 5 or 6 views or 200 views, I just enjoy writing for you guys, my thoughts on what is going on in my life, adventures, topics, rants which mind you there hasn't been any recently but writing gets my inner thoughts going, gets out my ideas and thoughts. 

                Now have I had writer's block? of course I have with writing something in general and also in blogging. I can tell you a little story about the time, I was still was an YouTuber back in the good old days of my early years of online media. Anyways I was always writing when I was a YouTuber, as you know there is a ton of planning when it came to YouTube, especially for me who had his own web series that ran for 6 long seasons and you can probably tell by the end of the series, I was wiped out, hence the reason I took the break from content during the summer between the switch from YouTube to Podcasting. Now blogging wise, yes I do tend to have problems coming up with ideas for posts but it is you guys that inspire me to come up with ideas that is one way I seem to come out of the writer's block side of things. Sometimes I will go out for a walk and the fresh air does seem to get those creative juices once again flowing once again and it does help. Also sometimes I write down my ideas and go with the ones that seem to suit whatever I am writing.

                  You can get past through the writer's block as I have in the past and takes a little time and if you cannot think just walk away for a hour and come back to it or take my advice I said above and hopefully this helps you guys in your journey in writing, whether it is writing stories, a book, blog posts or writing a web series, just remember, you can do whatever you put your mind to it. I have sure come a long way on this blog!