Wednesday, March 23, 2022

What's My Role On The After Show With Amy F?

                What is my role with The After Show With Amy F? A little of everything! 

- Writer: Coming up with questions when she is stumped on questions for each episode, also ideas to help expand the horizon with her podcast in Survivor content. 

- Technical Director: Also if she runs into trouble and that has happened in the early half especially with me on as a guest host I do not know if you guys noticed that echo of my voice well it was cause she didnt have headphones when I was on so that was fixed. Also Skype not picking up the video feed was an issue as well so that was a problematic issue but all figured it out.

- Editor: Got editor privelages, actually I'm an owner on that channel but any revenue goes towards her when she eventually gets and hopefully monetized on YouTube. I can edit the descriptions to help her get more hits, more views as she knows, I've been in the YouTube game for a very long time and she knows and appreciates my help to help this podcast grow. Also editing in the intro which is easy to do and takes second to put together which completes and makes the podcast awesome for Audio ONLY. 

- Fill In Host: Almost happened last week as she had a medical emergency last week that I had to assume the role as Fill In Host and I was ready but she was just fine! I was honored she wanted me to fill in and I am on call if she needs me to assume the role as Fill In/or Guest Host whatever you wanan call that role. 

               I know that there are other roles with the Podcast that I probably didn't say but this is the main roles within the podcast and I am excited to have a role on this podcast and be a part of what is an amazing podcast. I am a Production Staff, I have numerous roles on the podcast and just happy to be a part of this even in the smallest way. Anyways that is my post for today, hope you guys enjoyed this and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


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