Thursday, March 24, 2022

The Next Podcast Larry and I Are Doing!

                 As you guys know, Larry and I found out that Season 30 could be the final season for Power Rangers and him and I have a whole pile of one off's to do but other then that that podcast probably end up being done all together or put on a long hiatus depending on the situation by the time 2024 rolls around and we have year and a half away left in our written signed contract between Larry and I so we have time to figure it out. However this is the time to decided and both Larry and I know what's next for the both of us and we both know what we wanna do after Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast which will be a Ghost Writer Collaboration Podcast which only lasted 3 seasons so it will not be a long long series. Now we have spoken about this a while ago between each ages ago so we knew the plan moving forward but when was the question.

              Now that we kind of know they are going to be stopping with seasons and all the information we have gathered, we have kind of are now mentally preparing for if this collab ends and what is next for the both of us. Now I know if you guys may ask I am planning to take a bit of a break from a series with Larry for at least 6 months before I decide to move on to another project. Now if Power Rangers Collab there is something we wanna do we can always pull Power Rangers Collab out of the Archives and it can be active again at any given time as there is some other things going on like Power Rangers Quantam Continum which David Yost the OG Blue Ranger so that is something that Larry and I could talk about is the reunion some of the highlights from this 8 episode series.  However that is my post for today, hope you guys now have an idea what is to come in the very nearby future and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


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