Friday, March 25, 2022

End of The Week Updates [03-25-2022]

                    What a crazy week it has been! Not much in project wise, just the usual recording the podcast, editing and posting it up every week as per usual. There will not be many updates but I am going to talk more about side projects that co-aside with ChrisBOnTheWeb and but here are the updates:

Website, The website that you all know and love has been given some changes to the website. Amy's Recap Blog has been removed from under On Demand and it is now under the Partners which I will get into her website as there has been a complete revamp of her entire website. 

Amy F Online: Formely known as Amy's Recap Blogs this was while I was upstairs for a few minutes as she told me if she wants to do her own little podcast non Reality TV related which there is a poll out there that I did to help her out. So that is when I came up with the idea of Amy F Online and her personal website which yes I will help her out if she needs my help. So I did a new background, banner and icon for the top tab. Also a partner page has been created on her as we both agreed on a partnership, I promote her stuff, I promote mine. Mostly I will be promoting her podcasts as that is part of ChrisBOnTheWeb and yeah, time to time the occasional blog which she will be doing a blog this weekend as I am doing a back to back podcast with her one on her podcast and the other being a follow-up interview with Entertainment Man Podcast. 

                   Those are the updates and I know there wasn't much but we made some progress, some big moves to speak and it is cool we partnered up with Amy's site as I said we have each other's logos, I wouldn't just say partners but affiliates cause both of us promote i just worded the page differently I guess. Also not much to report when it comes to projects aka all 3 projects but I hope by end of next week to have some updates and progress reports for you guys. Anyways I will talk to you all on a special post, till then enjoy the rest of your Friday!


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