Saturday, March 26, 2022

Surprise Blog Post, Power Rangers Collab Chat!

                People being not so nice to me, I can use that block button if I have to. It hasn't affected my follower count on Instagram cause if I need to block someone for being not so nice, I just make it up with a new follower. Just wanted to throw that right out there but anyways I had some chatter in the DM's as you guys have been sliding into the DM's with me. There has been a lot of chatter about Power Rangers Collab and I know I have gone very quiet but all I can do right now is give you guys goal plans, now these are not guaranteed yet as Larry and I are waiting on some things at this moment. Here are the goal lines for Power Rangers Collab both Plans A & B for recording podcasts:

Plan A (Larry Back In Studio):                                  Plan B (Via Skype):

- Power Rangers Samurai & Super Samurai-              - Power Rangers Samurai & Super              Late April 2022/Early May 2022                                    Samurai- Late April Into May

- Power Rangers Megaforce & Super Megaforce-       Power Rangers Megaforce & Super          June 2022 or July 2022                                                Megaforce- June 2022 Into July 2022

- Power Rangers Dino Charge and Super Dino           - Power Rangers Dino Charge and Super  Charge- October 2022                                        Dino Charge- October 2022                                                                                                             (Unchanged)

                     So that is the scheduling goals or plans for the rest of this year and I assure you I have started working on Samurai more and hoping to be finished with the first of the two seasons in that title by end of this weekend then to type up the notes and get them in his envelope. Now yes Plan A there are plans to have him back in studio but it all depends if cases go back down as they rose a tad bit yesterday so I am fully aware that him coming back to the studio may not be an option at this time as we are always watching what the top doctors in Canada and Ontario recommend so we may be recording via Skype for a little longer but we'll let you know as I wanna try and make a big deal about his return, decorating the studio etc. However for right now, enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will talk to you all Monday. 


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