Monday, March 28, 2022

ChrisBOnTheWeb Never Sleeps!

                  It is true that ChrisBOnTheWeb never sleeps, when Amy, Larry and I are in bed, Jim is up till 3 am EST as he's in the West Coast called Pacific Standard Time. Then I am usually up but recently been up till 3 am every night. It isn't my favorite schedule being up late but I am all for sleeping at a more of a normal schedule. Always big shoutout to Jim, he's always at the helm of the website help chat especially with Amy, Larry and I very busy with content creating. There is always something going on around ChrisBOnTheWeb and one of our busiest times of the year especially in our Reality TV department so it good Jim has the community at his helm and glad to have some help finally with ChrisBOnTheWeb. 

               I hope there will be a rest period when I am done Super Dino Charge by end of August for a month so I can rest and at some point I wanna have the Staff and I in the chatroom so we can answer questions or even if I pop up to answer questions at some point in the help chat.  Right now gotta focus on pumping out podcasts left and right. It is about me staying on schedule this year and getting them out on time and what not.  Like I said we never stop it is always go, go, go but we are a well oiled machine compare to years past. We are working hard around the clock and as you can tell, partnerships have been made, I promote Amy's website, she promotes mine so it really helps both of us grow and I am constantly improving hers too. Anyways that is my post for today,  hope you guys enjoyed this and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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