Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Feeling Good!

        With the recent events that has gone on, I am starting slowly come around and be a bit happier then I have been over the last 4 days.  However, I am still depressed on and off and my sleep has been completely derailed in the last few days, meaning someday's I sleep normal, some nights I sleep at 6 pm till midnight then up throughout the night. However I am more up and open to talking to my parents compare to the last few days I've been very quiet but today I am very talkative person and more open to talking to my friends, neighbors and family.  Today I also feel like podcasting, like getting the podcasts that are missing up on,, & TuneIn! Which surprised me entirely that I wanted to get caught up with the missing podcasts that were missing and as of tonight I will be caught up on last week but tomorrow I am doing my Amazing Race 29 Preview Podcast and of course my Survivor Game Changers Recap Podcast but I have to take one thing at a time and in time I will be entirely caught up with podcasts right to the end of the week and I can rest easy on the weekend. There will be no more preview podcasts to worry about till the summer time when BB19 and Amazing Canada comes out so it will not be a worry. Yea I am still depressed and stressed out but I cannot leave my site as it is with no content so right now I am playing catch up. But being back in the saddle of the podcast and I am finally getting back to normal slowly. I think I will end up going back onto FB Sunday, think a week will be good enough of a break for me and everything will go back to normal and I will not have to worry about the people causing me drama anymore.

Sorry for the short post but have a great night!


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