Monday, April 3, 2017

Favorite Video Games | 100th Blog Post!

              Well here we are, the 100th Blog Post and I cannot believe we are at my 100th blog post and I am not going to be making a big ass deal over it but it is 100 blog posts and in this blog today I am actually going to talk about some of my favorite video games I like to play and trust me I got a lot of favorite games that I have played over the years since I came online back in late 2003. Now here is my list of Video Games I really enjoyed thus far from 2003 to the present time of day and please note none of these are ranked just listed in particular order:

- Call of Duty: beaten the game so many times and mastered the game, never played any other game after the 1st one came out and finished the game but would start now definitely.

- Minecraft: I have become a master Minecraft Player, watching Dan Gheesling play his play through and learning on the fly and with the aid and help of Darkostridjer a former Twitch listener of mine, now I am very much a pro at Minecraft. Please note been taking a break for a while from it but I am planning on a return as I will be starting Minecraft Tekkit Classic and boy I am very excited to be doing it too!

- GTA 4 & 5: I love Grand Theft Auto, I started back when San Andreas came out but I never finished, however I finished 4 and 5 and love the characters from both 4, Niko and Roman, and one notable character Trevor.

- Battlefield 3/Battlefield Vietnam/Battlefield Vietnam: Again, I love the war games that's why this has made my list of favorite video games.

- The Sims 3/The Sim 4: Love the 3rd one the most, as the Sims broke everything very quickly which made hilarity at it's best! But when Sims 4 came around I found it OK until my sims were stupid enough to set the kitchen on fire and left the room and the rooms around the kitchen to burn, yet I couldn't get the fire department there, or the sims to put it out which kind of sucked.

- Starcraft/Starcraft Brood War: Loved this video games was one of the first ever games that was introduced to me way before 2003, before I came online officially and it sure is a classic game in my part and I got the 3rd installment.

- Metal of Honor: Loved this game, the Stuka Dive Bombers the gameplay, I never finished it but would love to go through the entire game again.

- The Binding of Isaac: Still on the first Isaac, but almost halfway there to the road to 100% achievement and getting better each and everytime. Hope to get to Rebirth very very soon then of course Afterbirth! 

Well that is my list it's not a big, big list but these are games I do really enjoy or enjoyed to play and would play again in the near future and hopefully I play some newer video games in the near future which I will do a post of games I'd like to play!

Have a great rest of our Monday!


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