Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Best Moments As a YouTuber and During The Entertainment Man Talk Show Run!

           First of all I do not, nor have ever spoke about my favorite moments a an YouTuber. Trust me there is so many favorite moments I've had might be hard to list them all here but here are at least maybe my ten most favorite moments & please note I have linked the YouTube Video:

1) Me going off at my Staff at the Season 2 Finale, just before the shoot when stressed out 

2) I called Justin, JUSTINA! for the first time on Camera!

3) The running joke on set with Gordie, Eric, Missy and Dave every time the word sh*t was said on set. 

4) Making jokes on camera during the filming

6) The war with the Lawn Mower, me cursing at the lawn mower because it wouldnt start which hilarity ensued!

7)   The new camera girl Krissy came out to help and was her only episode to date that was shown! No video due to the video had no sound whatsoever.

8) The Townhall of 1873, the first time I ever went to a location to get permission to film at! 

9) The 50th Episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show 

10) Finally the renovation vlog at the Oshawa Centre when they were starting their long renovation project!

That is my list of favorite moments, not all of them  made the list but this is at least the 10 moments that I have had on YouTube or during The Entertainment Man Talk Show, hope you enjoyed reading this top 10 list and have a great rest of your Wednesday!


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