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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Big Brother Canada Finale and What's Next For Me?

               Well with Big Brother Canada 7 finished for the season and it was one heck of a season and I know my picks were evicted but in the end I kind of figured it would be Dane and Anthony in the end and wasn't surprised that it was a 7 - 0 vote which is the 3rd unanimous vote in Big Brother here in North America. Who. First of all Dan from season 10 of Big Brother U.S 7 - 0 vote, Kevin from Big Brother Canada 3 and won the 5th season 9 - 0 and now Dane who won 7 - 0 vote this season. I was looking forward to this finale for the past few weeks and what an amazing night! I just didn't get to watch it with Larry but Dave joined us to watch the finale and then do the finale recap live on YouTube which I do have an announcement which is coming over the next couple of days. I made it clear with Dave if he doesn't go to the finale next year as I think more then likely there will be an 8th season of Big Brother Canada, he is more then welcome to actually come back for that next year as next year will be the 6th annual Finale Party... haha. Anyways, it was one of the best finales yet and I really enjoyed myself and I got something else to look forward to this week as well. 

                 What is that you may ask? Survivor Edge of Extinction Finale is this week and this one I am on my own for that one but for right now I am decompressing from the last 10 weeks as I have been so busy with the podcasts non stop I am taking some time off this weekend from any work but hopefully by Tuesday, I am going to be back working on things for Chris B On The Web in time but for right now I am decompressing hence why the social is a bit more quiet but I am still around and posting here and there with updates but I think over the next couple of days, I will be probably doing some gaming over the next couple of days and decompressing from a busy 10 weeks but don't worry I am still thinking about what is next on the list for the Podcast and Chris B On The Web and I know what is next but like I said I need some time off right now and that is my # 1 priority right now but not far off from returning to normal work schedule.


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Big Brother Canada 7 Finale is Tomorrow!

            Tomorrow is indeed a big day for not only me but my Alumni, Larry and my Staff member Dave as the 3 of us are having our own Finale party here at the house and even down at the studio. So yesterday, I spent some time after working on the setup for the finale and I setup confetti to come down in the studio portion which I made out of construction paper in small squares and will be an Instagram video of when we pull the string which is hooked up to the cloth that is cradling the confetti right now as it is waiting for the official pull and all of the confetti falling down. I am sure looking forward to pulling the cord in celebration of the season finale. Not for the podcast but one of the Reality TV Shows I am covering. I know I heard rumors who went in the surprise eviction but we will find out tonight for sure who is heading off to Jury. If it is indeed Adam, then I am routing on Dane to win it all come tomorrow night. Yes I know I have one pick left and I got that feeling Larry will win the little deal that him and I have going right now. 

              Now am I excited? Of course an the fact I get to celebrate the finale with 2 good friends makes it more fun honestly. I am also in fact excited to find out who is going to win it all. It is bitter sweet and this season was an experience and a half from 2 BBCan7 podcasts to being at the premiere and Live Eviction this season and experiencing it first hand in person. It is truly a dream as a super fan but also as a podcaster it is truly a dream and I am humble for the experiences  that I have had this year. Tonight will definitely tell us who is going to be in the final 3 and who is headed to jury. I always thought the BBCAN7 awards was with the final 3 but since there wasn't a triple, I think things were a bit different then it was last year as this year we didn't experience the triple like we have since Seasons 3, 5 & 6. But that's OK, the production know what their doing and just excited for the next 24 hours and find out who is the Season 7 champ.


Friday, April 5, 2019

Splitting Big Brother Canada Recaps Into Two Different Days Was a Good Idea

             I made a good move this season with Everything About Reality TV and splitting the Big Brother Recaps into two different days. I will break down for those who aren't a listener of the podcast or are a fan of Reality TV and haven't checked out the podcast yet. At the start when I started covering Big Brother in general both the U.S. and Canadian version of the show, I did it once a week until up to this year where I made the decision after a very successful season with Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 so that is what made my decision much easier. So I started looking at the different options and once the schedule for the show was released, I set myself on Tuesdays and Fridays @ 8 pm EST which so far has done well minus the last week and a half now with the technical issues I have had recently. The reason why I decided to split the recaps into two day was to lower the stress of getting it done and ready for release in the evenings. This definitely was the right move to make honestly, I think it has taken the amount of pressure down this season minus the one mishap last week due to computer tech issues. However once I fix the scheduling issue this schedule will be the best schedule I have yet. 

                 So I did make the right move with final tweaks to the morning schedule of me recording early in the mornings then this schedule will be a force to be wreaken with. Even if Big Brother comes back for Season 21, I'd definitely do the same thing with twice a week schedule since it does indeed work. I told you guys there are changes this year for the podcast and this definitely needs a bit tweaking but in time I will manage to get on a great roll and I appreciate you guy's are patient with me and I am still learning about scheduling, editing and all other aspects as a podcaster but I am enjoying the split as once the first recap is done I can focus on it. Yes I did remove the live feeds talk as I was losing subscribers so I did take those out and you guys seem to like the new format that the podcast has adopted for BBCAN7 recaps so that makes me happy that you guys are happier with the format now and any feedback is always greatly appreciated positive or negative, it helps me to improve the podcast. I hope you enjoy the remainder of the season and remember "You Can and You Will!"


Saturday, March 9, 2019

Officially In Game Mode!

              With both Survivor and Big Brother Canada started I am officially in game mode for the podcasts and on the right track which this week has been a bit awkward due to me being out of town a ton during the week but I somehow managed to get the podcast out. I have to remember to not push myself if I cannot get two out I can't that is why the Big Brother Canada 7 Week 1 recap was up today at 1 or 2 pm EST.  However I think once the podcast posts up I will be in the clear for a new week and able to take it one day at a time. I know being away this week, it did push off my schedule a bit and you guys understand why I couldn't do the podcast(s) as it was plural, 2 of em to do and takes time to record, then the post production also know as editing so it is truly a process but I am use to it and that is why I have gotten better at scheduling thing and it will just get better from here on out with me.

               I always have to be on my toes when it comes to the podcast, the live feeds or the blog posts and I have been mentally preparing for these major changes to the podcasts and my timetable as the next 2 months and a bit will be a busy one for me indeed and why I have set aside the other collaboration podcast project for now. I do not have time right now so I am putting it aside till May then making the charge to get it done. I have to stay on my toes and I am ready for anything and everything during this season of Big Brother Canada and so far it has been hectic as ever can be but I am use to it and I know I will have some downtime between with comps going on and mainly it will be to catch up on blog posts and other necessary things which I will be working on Tuesday when I go out and about and to an appointment as well, I will have the chance to catch up on that too as well. Either way I am definitely now in game mode, the season has started and still very busy season ahead of me which I am excited to see how it goes and excited to be recapping Reality TV 3 times a week on Tuesday's, Thursday's & Friday's! 


Saturday, February 9, 2019

Getting Excited For Big Brother Canada Season 7!

            I had a hard time coming up with a topic for today's blog post then I kind of thought why not talk about something that I am excited that is coming up, which is Big Brother Canada 7 which only weeks away from starting and there is several reasons why I am excited for this season. I really didn't think this season would come so fast as we are close to wrapping up Celebrity Big Brother US, Season 2, it is getting me excited for the 10th season of "Everything About Reality TV" which is a podcast I recap Big Brother Canada on and does well each season and it is exciting I am recording my 10th season right when Big Brother Canada airs too! Another reason I am excited for the show to be returning is the fact I will definitely have the opportunity to go to 1 or 2 evictions during the season with both Dave and Larry as well, we are planning to get tickets for the 3 of us and trust me Larry will love it as this will be his first time going to an eviction. The last part of why I am excited for Big Brother Canada is of course when it comes down to the season finale of the show, both Larry and I get together and he stays over 😒 and the reason why I have the un-amused smiley is cause he wakes me up during the night with his insane snoring but this year we are upping the ante and Dave is coming by for the finale this year and also he will be possibly staying over the night too but depends but he could just stay for the finale but that hasn't been determined which the 3 of us gotta discuss it in about 2 months from now.

             Either way I am totally excited for this season and spending some time with friends watching the show, going to evictions for the show and travelling especially into the big city for the evictions. This is a very busy season for me from evictions, to being with friends for episodes, recapping the show, i certainly do not have a lot of time on my hands for a social life as my eyes and ears are on the feeds 17 - 18 hours of the day with sleep, eating as well but it is worth the time here in the studio and I am so eager for this season to start as my worlds are about to collide. This is why I enjoy what I do with the podcast, the interaction with the fans etc! Bring on BBCAN7! Let's Gooooo!