Saturday, March 9, 2019

Officially In Game Mode!

              With both Survivor and Big Brother Canada started I am officially in game mode for the podcasts and on the right track which this week has been a bit awkward due to me being out of town a ton during the week but I somehow managed to get the podcast out. I have to remember to not push myself if I cannot get two out I can't that is why the Big Brother Canada 7 Week 1 recap was up today at 1 or 2 pm EST.  However I think once the podcast posts up I will be in the clear for a new week and able to take it one day at a time. I know being away this week, it did push off my schedule a bit and you guys understand why I couldn't do the podcast(s) as it was plural, 2 of em to do and takes time to record, then the post production also know as editing so it is truly a process but I am use to it and that is why I have gotten better at scheduling thing and it will just get better from here on out with me.

               I always have to be on my toes when it comes to the podcast, the live feeds or the blog posts and I have been mentally preparing for these major changes to the podcasts and my timetable as the next 2 months and a bit will be a busy one for me indeed and why I have set aside the other collaboration podcast project for now. I do not have time right now so I am putting it aside till May then making the charge to get it done. I have to stay on my toes and I am ready for anything and everything during this season of Big Brother Canada and so far it has been hectic as ever can be but I am use to it and I know I will have some downtime between with comps going on and mainly it will be to catch up on blog posts and other necessary things which I will be working on Tuesday when I go out and about and to an appointment as well, I will have the chance to catch up on that too as well. Either way I am definitely now in game mode, the season has started and still very busy season ahead of me which I am excited to see how it goes and excited to be recapping Reality TV 3 times a week on Tuesday's, Thursday's & Friday's! 


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