Sunday, March 10, 2019

Favorite Blog Post To Write....

             This is indeed a tough post to make as I enjoyed writing all the 561 posts that is now on the website. This is not easy but a few of em I will list on today's blog post. Some include the 100th episode of Everything About Reality TV Podcast, Season 10 of the podcast as well which is more on the recent list. Also I have enjoyed writing about events I have gone to is another great example as I really enjoy such as Autism Celebration, The Royal Winter Fair, Polish & Ukrainian Festival, Christmas Market and many more. I can also add on to the list, Tyrone Parade of lights as well. I can honestly say, I do enjoy writing all aspect of the blog posts, like I said it is a tough choice to make as any of the posts that I am writing I do enjoy writing for you guys but I am showing my love to all the posts, even the more downer of a posts I make when I am feeling down, however I am expressing how I am feeling at times but recently been keeping up with the more positive posts on the website which has actually done well.

                One last thing I wanna add to this post is the self help posts and giving advice I have given to you guys such as depression, feeling down, the tough days I have gone through, especially when I have dealt with the change from YouTube to podcast full time, it was quite the transition for me, plus dealing with the loss of my staff too whom walked out on me when I was planning a 7th season of the web series of mine.  Also with the friendships that have come and gone with me, I dealt with a lot of crap but got through it which took a long time mind you. Anyways I was tested with friendships between 2016 and 2018 and you guys witnessed my worst moments in my life where I just didn't know what else to do but as you can see to this day, I am very much happier now then I was before and I am definitely sharing the power of positivity as well now. As you can see there is tons of different posts that  I enjoyed writing more, but also posts I really didn't wanna post but did anyways as I wanted to express my opinion on something.


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