Thursday, March 7, 2019

Been Having Doubts Recently....

         I have been having doubts lately with Chris B On The Web, how long it will last, how long will Everything About Reality TV Podcast will last but right now Chris B On he Web is very stable at the moment and honestly I shouldn’t have to worry about it’s future as things are going quite well for me and proud of every step the podcast and the website has made and the success that has come with it as well. Nothing has stopped me from being a success and in the last few days I’ve gained two new listeners of the podcast which can be found on the podcasts page. How did I manage to gain listeners? Well word of mouth technically and always a great way to promote yourself which I just came up with a brand new blog post down the road probably on the weekend when. New set of blog posts are out as I am still planning it out still but almost there. I sometimes just feel this way and in time it passes through and it is out of sight out of mind. I am only human and titled to having my moments from time to time and recently have had those moments a lot more recently then ever and probably is because zig got a lot in my mind right now which I have no time let my mind wander technically but least I am keeping myself busy.

                  Also the fact I have been trying to produce a new weekly podcast to help with the quieter seasons of Everything About Reality TV Podcast which I will be talking about next week what it will be like and what it is going to be about in one of my daily blog posts and I will give you all the deets (details) about it soon. It gives me a couple of extra days to prepare what is it truly going to be about and trust me it will be another great podcast and more active then The CBOTW Show ever was as I very unhappy with the way it turned out being not as active as I really wanted it to be active but it wasn’t and the reason why I decided to hang it up with that podcast was because of the inactivity of me not posting up episodes so often so it is. Finally so cannot wait to give you all the juicy intel on this new project and I have a date set but will talk more on a different post.


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