Friday, April 5, 2019

Splitting Big Brother Canada Recaps Into Two Different Days Was a Good Idea

             I made a good move this season with Everything About Reality TV and splitting the Big Brother Recaps into two different days. I will break down for those who aren't a listener of the podcast or are a fan of Reality TV and haven't checked out the podcast yet. At the start when I started covering Big Brother in general both the U.S. and Canadian version of the show, I did it once a week until up to this year where I made the decision after a very successful season with Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 so that is what made my decision much easier. So I started looking at the different options and once the schedule for the show was released, I set myself on Tuesdays and Fridays @ 8 pm EST which so far has done well minus the last week and a half now with the technical issues I have had recently. The reason why I decided to split the recaps into two day was to lower the stress of getting it done and ready for release in the evenings. This definitely was the right move to make honestly, I think it has taken the amount of pressure down this season minus the one mishap last week due to computer tech issues. However once I fix the scheduling issue this schedule will be the best schedule I have yet. 

                 So I did make the right move with final tweaks to the morning schedule of me recording early in the mornings then this schedule will be a force to be wreaken with. Even if Big Brother comes back for Season 21, I'd definitely do the same thing with twice a week schedule since it does indeed work. I told you guys there are changes this year for the podcast and this definitely needs a bit tweaking but in time I will manage to get on a great roll and I appreciate you guy's are patient with me and I am still learning about scheduling, editing and all other aspects as a podcaster but I am enjoying the split as once the first recap is done I can focus on it. Yes I did remove the live feeds talk as I was losing subscribers so I did take those out and you guys seem to like the new format that the podcast has adopted for BBCAN7 recaps so that makes me happy that you guys are happier with the format now and any feedback is always greatly appreciated positive or negative, it helps me to improve the podcast. I hope you enjoy the remainder of the season and remember "You Can and You Will!"


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