Thursday, April 4, 2019

There Was A Moments I Staged Something and Running Jokes....

            There is so many secrets I would love to tell but some of them are best to keep a secret, especially the drama that actually happened on set which was never recorded minus that one scene that is posted up on my old YouTube and is one of two dramatic scenes captured on camera but for the most part it was done behind closed doors up to 2016 when I came out frustrated with my team in 2016 when staff quit. What do I really mean about the staged scene. It is the one where I purposely tripped and fell which I did also do a remix of me falling over several times which is really the beauty of editing actually which is great honestly. Also I never practiced it nor my team actually knew that I was going to do that which it was on all me during which I said I tripped which is actually in the video itself I tripped and nobody knew the actual truth behind it till this post coming out on this throwback Thursday edition of the blog so I have kept it quiet for all these years but now the truth is out and my staff I really never told them what really happened not yet at least but maybe one day I will have to tell the ones who were involved during the 2nd season of The Entertainment Man Talk Show.

                The second part of this throwback Thursday story is the running jokes on set like me saying s**t and my team telling me in the bathroom which occurred  once or twice during the series. Also picking on our friends in good humor, the St. Patrick's Day for example that was a fun episode and we had comments made. Cursing was a big thing as I really showed my true colors and my true self on set each and every episode and majority of the time I left in those moments in the episodes as majority of the time I wanted to capture the moments which there is another primary moment of me cursing at the lawn mower which now almost 10 years later, we still have that lawn mower and she is still working well for an old mower. Can always rely on your old mowers but I will do a old start cold start this spring when it is time to get her ready for the late spring/early summer time on Instagram TV. There are plenty of moments and if you guys enjoyed these neat stories from the days I was on set filming my series and I plan on coming up with some more down the road as well.


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