Wednesday, April 3, 2019

I Got Power Ranger Podcast On The Mind!

             Right now, I have Power Rangers Podcast definitely in the back of my mind but yet again I have all kinds of things on my mind right now but eventually you will know what I am up to with another project in the back of my mind. Right now my two focuses are Everything About Reality TV and this podcast but yes there is projects in the works for CBOTW. Anyways back to the subject at hand there is no doubt I have been in the last few weeks been thinking about Power Rangers Podcast and the fact Larry has been wanting to get back and yes I have spoken about it publicly on Twitter that it would be cool if Larry and I continued on past Dino Thunder Season which is probably more then a hint to you guys that I want to keep on going with it and I know Larry has told me he'd like to keep it going and plus we record twice a year as he knows I am busy with the other podcasts between recording and yes I do get time to relax between the collabs with him. I am always thinking about the podcast one way or another and when I want to record and what not. 

              Usually, it is in June and December as that is how it landed last year in 2018, so it is sounding like that it will end up this year by the sounds of things in the back of my mind that I have been thinking about for the past few weeks right now.  Yes I am sort of giving a hint but been very, very "radio silent" recently but it is coming sooner then you know it and yes it is just hints and hints and in time you guys will know. You will know what the heck is going on when the day comes and I post up on Twitter and Instagram! Never know, may end up with the second boom arm in the studio for all we know! All I know both Larry and I are eager to get back behind the microphones and officially bring this long winded hiatus to an end as it will have been almost 7 month hiatus due to my very busy schedule with Everything About Reality TV Podcast covering Music City CMT, Celebrity Big Brother US Season 2, Survivor Edge of Extinction & Big Brother Canada 7 as well that is why this podcast disappeared for a while. It wasn't cancelled just put on the shelf (on hiatus) for almost 7 months. I can promise it is going to return, very, very soon in the very nearby future and were excited for the return!


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