Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Keeping Up To 6000 Steps!

           Everyday I seem to be keeping up with the steps each and everyday which is a good thing and I have been maintaining at 219 but that's not good enough as I want to lose the weight more but more the steps the better. Yesterday I didn't make my 6000 as I was home majority of the day but got up to 4000 yesterday and still feels good to still get that number honestly. slowly but surely getting there with them. However I am very much happy with the amount of steps I have been getting each and every day which is 42000 steps a week practically. But I think I almost have that amount  everyday this week minus Thursday which I was home all day long but I try to the best of my ability to actually get the entire 6000 steps in when I can. However I am managing to get moving and a groovin so it is good. The more I keep up with the steps, it will even help me lose the weight I need. Honestly at this point I am currently maintaining at 219.6 pounds which I am happy with but honestly I would like to go a bit further down in weight but I have to remember to remain patient with this as it does time time but I just gotta keep on moving around.

              Now for me to get 10000 usually I am out in Toronto or up north for example when I manage to get the steps beyond 10000 or right on the dot. I think the highest I have ever had was around 14 to 15 thousand in steps which is amazing but it could be more then that honestly but I am not sure honestly. However having this fitbit has helped me remain active and maintaining the weight that I have been at but like I have mentioned I need to start losing it more then maintaining where I am at right now with my weight but I have to be patient and show a little patience and it will happen eventually just gotta take some baby steps that is all and I am going to but weight does not go down rapidly fast, it just takes time and the more steps the better in my journey. I hope in the next couple of weeks to finally do an update on my weight loss journey but right now I have been stuck at the same weight for a long time and it is hard to get it moved any further down but everyday I am sure as heck trying to get it down. I will not quit till I get and reach my weight goal which is 170 - 175 pounds. 


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