Sunday, April 7, 2019

Gearing Up Chris B On The Web For Something Huge!

                   Things are truly getting interesting for not only me but my Staff and Alumni been planning a lot with the future of Chris B On The Web and yes CBOTW Gamers Podcast was among the list of things but I ended the planning and putting that project back on the dusty old shelf. As for the other things being planned, I cannot talk about it yet as it is still in the preliminary stages at the moment and not everything is set in stone yet and not all is set up as of yet right now. However it is excited for CBOTW expanding into a new broader horizon and more projects being added. I guess you can say we've become a bit of a network now as we are adding stuff to the website. Already tried doing an brand new menu bar and it is still work in progress right now and I will get it eventually. That I can say publicly that we are officially working on a brand new Version 2.0 of It is time to take this site to the very next level and eventually I will get this glitches that I am experiencing fixed. Always going to be bugs on the website especially with building new stuff within the site but this has been a learning curve learning about building menus from scratch and also learning CSS Code for the color but so easy to learn honestly once you get the hang of it. Love working on the website and learning new things to help build the community and that is my entire purpose behind it. I want to grow the community some more and I knew in time I did need to make some necessary changes to the website to fit this entire change.

                       When is this entire change being made? Like I said some things are not being mentioned as this current time, however, once the website is done, I do plan on announcing the plan with CBOTW Gamers Podcast by middle of June once I know what the plan is with Big Brother US and if it is going to return as that is when CBS plans on bringing it back but as of right now: Big Brother - On Hiatus, Renewal For Season 21 Likely.  Never know what I am planning or my team that sits behind me. Yes I got only a small crew of 3 of us, Dave, Billy and I. However, it may be a small group of us but a very dedicated group to making CBOTW on top of it's game again after a very rough 2.5 years BUT were surviving as a group and there is a lot of exciting stuff to happen and maybe just maybe, I will make one more return to the Autism Celebration for one last year as I will have a ton of things to promote and share with everyone which will be great. We are definitely gearing up for something big, that is for sure and we're excited to share it with you all as well!


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