Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Big Brother Canada 7 Finale is Tomorrow!

            Tomorrow is indeed a big day for not only me but my Alumni, Larry and my Staff member Dave as the 3 of us are having our own Finale party here at the house and even down at the studio. So yesterday, I spent some time after working on the setup for the finale and I setup confetti to come down in the studio portion which I made out of construction paper in small squares and will be an Instagram video of when we pull the string which is hooked up to the cloth that is cradling the confetti right now as it is waiting for the official pull and all of the confetti falling down. I am sure looking forward to pulling the cord in celebration of the season finale. Not for the podcast but one of the Reality TV Shows I am covering. I know I heard rumors who went in the surprise eviction but we will find out tonight for sure who is heading off to Jury. If it is indeed Adam, then I am routing on Dane to win it all come tomorrow night. Yes I know I have one pick left and I got that feeling Larry will win the little deal that him and I have going right now. 

              Now am I excited? Of course an the fact I get to celebrate the finale with 2 good friends makes it more fun honestly. I am also in fact excited to find out who is going to win it all. It is bitter sweet and this season was an experience and a half from 2 BBCan7 podcasts to being at the premiere and Live Eviction this season and experiencing it first hand in person. It is truly a dream as a super fan but also as a podcaster it is truly a dream and I am humble for the experiences  that I have had this year. Tonight will definitely tell us who is going to be in the final 3 and who is headed to jury. I always thought the BBCAN7 awards was with the final 3 but since there wasn't a triple, I think things were a bit different then it was last year as this year we didn't experience the triple like we have since Seasons 3, 5 & 6. But that's OK, the production know what their doing and just excited for the next 24 hours and find out who is the Season 7 champ.


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