Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Officially Done With Broadcasting On Video Broadcasting Platforms

             I have decided to not broadcast ever again. When I said I was done with video broadcasting, I meant it and I broke my own word apparently as recently in the last 2 - 3 months I decided to start broadcasting again which was bad mistake honestly and honestly I should of not gone back as it would of kept my stress levels down. Honestly I need to stay true to my word and stick to it. To be honest, I have been doing so well on Audio ONLY to the blog here on the website. The numbers itself does show a lot and how well it has done and I periodically will look at the stats and in the last month I got 1800 + views here on the website alone and no wonder some days it is bit slow it is cause of the traffic but seems to be fine these days. But it is stupid where I keep on trying to do video broadcasting. Honestly my PC cannot handle it and yet it is not an old computer even tho I have had it for only a few years with it now being reformatted once. Honestly it was also a trolls thing that really bothered me and now apparently I am banned on a site I was helping one of my staff with their gaming stream honestly and only thing I can do at this point is lurk on his streams at this point and run the streamlabs bot I setup for them. 

             Either way, I have made the decision to just stop streaming all together as right now I do have  ton of stuff on my plate right now with Everything About Reality TV and also Power Rangers Podcast too, I just do simply have the time to stream video games or even regular streams at this point of time and I am always go go with podcasts and it never does seem to stop and right now I am still going strong on the podcasts longest seasons yet aiming for 40 - 50 episodes in a season which is the longest. So you can see right now I just do not have any time for streaming and I need to continue to be focused on CBOTW but to help moderate a stream for a podcast can be in the cards for down the road for me honestly but more information later. Finally I am currently banned on 6 or 7 video platforms right now so podcasts going live probably not in the future but however I am not banned on YouTube yet so anything can really happen but right now my focus is Audio ONLY.


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