Thursday, May 9, 2019

First Ride On The M.S Chi-Cheemaun Ferry (Throwback Thursday Story)

           So this is very fitting being a week later after going on the Spring Cruise on the M.S Chi-Cheemaun and this was actually inspired while being on the ferry boat that day so that is where today's post came from. Anyways today's throwback story is my very first ride on the M.S Chi-Cheemaun Ferry. Now this is going way back like way back in the late 1990's into the 2000s when my dad and I made a trip up there for the very first time. Now back then Tobermory was different compare to now. The Seaview III was still operating and did even several years ago under Blue Heron Cruise Company which I found out by looking at the boat later on. So anyways, the night of us heading onto the boat and across the lake into Lake Huron was different and it was the first time getting up the next morning at 5 am to get down to the docks for 530 am in advance. Anyways those were the days when the Dockside Restaurant was still around. I remember my meal very well even to this day being 10 + years ago now and it was a western sandwich which had eggs, onion and ham in it and honestly I haven't had a western in a very long time. Of course I remember hanging out on the back deck of the boat and always has been our hangout place.

          Honestly I do miss the old days but we did find another restaurant to go to in the morning of the ferry boat even though we had a very bad experience there and waited till we got to Manitoulin Island which made me very, very crabby person all together. I do not know why the Dockside had to go but it is what it is I guess and have to just deal with it I guess and that is what we had to do but it will be a place for me to definitely remember. This feels like forever nearly 20 years of going up there with my dad and I am sure we will be up there again while he can still make the long trips like that as he will be 75 next year but age does not stop you whatsoever and I think either next year or the year after we are planning to do the Fall Cruise from Tobermory to Owen Sound but we never know what we are planning but it is not the last of us seeing the town of Tobermory, Ontario.


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