Friday, May 10, 2019

Making Some Progress With 2 Video Games!

          So it has been a while since I have made an update but I have been progressing well with The Binding of Isaac. I didn't actually finish a challenge or beat Satan but getting closer and closer and been practicing with Isaac and been trying challenges too as well but learning and using all my strategic moves on the game. However sometimes a curveball is being thrown but nothing I can handle honestly. I think something is going to give way soon where I am going to start going on a hot streak with the game. Right now I stand on 47% completed the game with all the items before getting to Platinum God but that is 53% more that I need to do and plan on working hard and grinding and hopefully one day very soon down the road I will get that hot streak going I am sure because right now I am in a drought with doing well but I've started to get all the way to mom aka the big boss fight but then end up dead but if I end up with Ipecac item then that is when I get on a roll.

            Now as for The Messenger, I have now passed or beaten the first boss fight which is a very proud moment honestly. I am nothing but so proud of that moment where I managed to beat the boss but I ended up stuck again but I know what to do so it does give me some sort of leg up in the game. I may be slow with the game at first but then again I can be a very fast learner. With this game I have noticed recently, that I do so well and a very long stride it then I am stuck so it is an on and off thing with it but I do fire up the game quite often to give a shot and try it out. The more I play both of these games, the better I become at the game. With Big Brother Canada 7 coming to a wrap in 2 days, I am sure I will have more time for video games but don't forget I have the menu bar to work on and the Power Rangers Podcast but I will always take some time to work on the games and have some down time which I haven't seen since December so it is long coming and I am going to make time for fun now that I will have extra time on my hands.


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