Thursday, April 7, 2016

Everything About Reality TV's 1st Season Coming To A Close | The Entertainment Man Talk Show Season

Cannot believe the first Season of Everything About Reality TV is coming to an end. The first official season of the recap series has almost come to an end and has become a sensation on my YouTube channel! Cannot wait to premiere Season 2 on June 2nd, 2016 the day after Masterchef US airs! Season 2 will be recapping Masterchef US 7, BB US 18 & eventually Amazing Race Canada 4. This all started as a test run and ended up having support from Amazing Racers like Justin from #TheGreenTeam and Krista from #TheCheerleaders. I am blessed this series has quickly won over the amazing viewership on the YouTube community and my small YouTube community of 41 subscribers and climbing! 

Now with The Entertainment Man Talk Show, I can say I am ready to summon my camera crew and get filming the series as of tomorrow the set will be completed and ready for production in the week and a half from now. A lot of time, work and effort to the series has been put into the setup and planning, last things to do is finalize set, put the curtain decorations up, then the board and make sure its all setup and ready to go!


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