Monday, February 11, 2019

Podcast Setup Changes Are Going To Be Made....

             Now that my studios plans are out there and I have been working on. This is only the start of things. First the studio is in the long term plans to repair this studio walls which will definitely cost money. But the most important the podcasting setup which records "Everything About Reality TV" & "The Collaboration" Podcasts and things are always changing for the podcast, new people want to collab which I have to make happen so I definitely have to make the room for it. I will explain what equipment I need to get. Actually let's start, I need a audio interface to take in calls and that can be up to 100 - 200 dollars or even more down the road and that means I have to put the money aside but I am working on it and I know I promised a few people but some have gone through or just been forgotten that this was going to happen as I haven't heard from them in a long time on the socials but I hope to reach out to them soon. Also Larry and I can even do the Power Rangers Podcast from two different households you never know!

              As you guys know I have a second microphone, the handheld which mind you it still works very, very well and Larry knows exactly what my intentions are and that is I am getting the second boom arm for the other microphone so this way I will not be diddly daddling around with hook it up and fiddling around with the sound. and it is so easy to actually maneuver the microphone  in when hes in the studio especially, so I am pretty excited about having a second microphone. Only catch is... IS I am going to wait till the desk is refurbished, as right now I simply do not have the room on a small desk for a second boom arm at this moment and no space to place the microphones at this moment of time. 

              However it is good that I do want to actually make some changes around the studio and to my podcasting setup here and down the road, I would love to add a second boom but it is a waiting game and right now, I cannot explain what is going on, it is something personal going on right now and I rather keep it a private matter right now. Patience is a virtue indeed and all I can do right now is continue on planning on recording the episodes and what not right now. The show must go on with this rather small desk right now and hey I have to deal with as it is and when time it will be great to have this desk refurbished and fixed up and having a wider desktop too in the process as well. It is excited to be growing the podcast setup that I have now. 


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