Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Studio Updates [08-18-2021]

                    Got a bit of an update to the studio. I have made a couple of changes made to the studio and the first one was the purchase of a brand new USB Mixer. Now I had a BUS Mixer originally the Samson MDR624. As you guys know the wire popped out of the end and the reason why there was a problem with it and I couldn't get the wire replaced so the Mixer was thrown out as it wasn't usable anymore so I ended up buying this mixer and to be quite honest with you guys, I love the mixers with the fader its so much easier to actually and the knobs are not a problem with my fat fingers hitting the knobs so it made it very difficult to actually turn on mics and what not but what matters now is I have the Behringer x1204 USB Mixer. I can also say I love this mixer. My favorite one that I have had over the years out of the 3 mixers I have owned.

Now the other thing that has changes is the microphone is repositioned into a up right position almost.  Also you probably seen on the microphone the mic flag with the CBOTW logo. I have had that for almost 2 months now and it looks so professional within the studio and I have really up'd the studio look and I continue to up the studio and things continue to look amazing and I can say this is definitely a professional setup now. I would like to add another screen to my setup eventually and will to add the additional screen to the studio and would spend the extra money to get it but we'll see how I feel and maybe I will and it depends if I wanna add in a 3rd and final screen. I'd have to find another mounts for the screens as this one has 2 at this moment. Anyways that is today's post, hope you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


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