Friday, January 24, 2020

Everything About Reality TV (Mistakes I Have Made)

             In today's blog post, I want to fess up to some things that I made a mistake on in the last 4 years. I know I cannot dwell in the past but I wanna fess up some of my mistakes I have made. Anyways here is the list and it's not too many mistakes but stuff I have learned from in the past:

1) Sticking to a schedule- That was a problem and a half from the get go which has been on going since we went to Audio ONLY either being an hour or two late or a day or a couple of days late. However recently I managed to stay on the right track and this issue has finally subsided and I am really right into it. Even find myself recording the night before at times but that is OK least I am ahead of schedule that way.

2) Walking Away From Big Brother US Seasons- Honestly I have either not been feeling like doing Big Brother Recaps for the US Seasons or leaving in the middle of the season which I did that for Season 21 and I was a few weeks short of it ending the season so that was a biggest mistake and I paid for it too in the end with losing a couple of subscribers and I understand why.

3) Audio Issues- I have had a few technical issues with the side of the microphone where the microphone went in and out but honestly I think it came down to the levels on the mixer which honestly it has been fixed and sounding a lot better now and getting better each and every episode and it will just get better from here on out.

4)  Doing Too Much All At Once- Covering Survivor, Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada, Celebrity Big Brother and Music City all at once and it wasn't easy and it was doubtly the cause of my major burnout and another reason I will state below in my closing statement to this post.

                Those are the 4 biggest mistakes that I have made but with Jasmine now on board on the podcast, it will definitely help me and I will not feel that entire pressure on me. That is probably the reason I wanted out for the longest time honestly and November I said this was it the 12th season was it but nope CBOTW and Everything About Reality TV is continuing on and the podcast lives on and the road to the 250th Episode which will be recorded this weekend. Anyways I have learned from the mistakes and I shouldn't give up so easily like I did and the longer I am a podcaster, the more I get the experience and don't forget I have been in Online Media for 14 years now. 


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