Saturday, August 24, 2019

Podcast Intros & Recording The Podcast

                Today's post, we are back to the topic of podcasting as I took almost a week off from it to cover other topics within the last week. But alas we are back, or I am back talking about podcasting. I want to focus today basically on Intros and recording the actual podcast. Now the intro I use a royalty free intro that has my voice over. You can find some on Google and if you really want to pay for one then that is fine. Trust me a proper intro really does help you out and gains some listeners. Plus it tells your listeners what you are listening to actually so that is always a plus when it comes to the intros to your podcast or podcasts depending if you have two on the go and I have noticed some host two different podcasts weekly. However an proper intro is helpful to have especially if you guys like a sponsor that you need to promote as a thank-you to them for sponsoring you or even if you are promoting a product that a company that paid you to promote and yes that is still in the realm of sponsorship but it is a great way to get it out there to your fan base to check out and buy. Now if you do not have a sponsorship and you own a website like me, you can promote your website on the intro like you guys all know and hear each and every week or in this case twice a week as of right now as my schedule depends on how many episodes I cover per week! 

                  The next part of today's post I would like to talk about is the recording process of a podcast and I know this is a very detailed blog post and that is the point behind this post really. So recording wise this is the part of the preparation for the podcast is making sure the sound is perfect next the intro track and the voice track is set up as you will need to have two tracks or record then add the intro track on the post production but we will get into that Sunday's blog post. Sound quality is the upmost important if you are doing audio only and if you are on video as well then of course video quality is important. No you do not need a fancy green screen like I have behind me which hardly has been used since I got it but that is not the point. The point is the quality is the most important thing of all whether it is audio only and video quality is good. The final point I would like to make is have your notes ready to go as that is a huge part of the production side of things so you know what you are going to talk about in each and every episode of your podcast. Content is very important and to make sure it is entertaining content so this way listeners will come back each every episode that you produce and post up. Also being consistent with a recording schedule is also upmost important. I will cover the editing and uploading part which will be the second last thing in this series before we wrap all of this up and move on with new posts down the road as well.


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