Thursday, August 22, 2019

Construction Here On Will Start This Fall!

                  This fall will be the start of a major re-development of the website. Date will come soon. It has been no secret that I have been wanting to redevelop the site and make some major changes to it and it is time for this change to actually happen. I did start the new menu bar which is what I am working on secretly behind the scenes earlier this year but was scrapped due to drop down menu not working and I think I do know the issue behind it and think it has to do with the CSS code. But come October/November when it is done and the testing phases are all done, I will be rolling out the new menu all together for you guys to see. It is hard to explain the exact plan for it as I find it hard to explain what the actual plan is but you will all see once it is done and operating. This is a very difficult project and I know I can do this if I put my mind to it. I had some success but the issue comes to the drop down portion of the build which I think it does have something to do with the CSS but will definitely do some research as I do not know much about coding a menu bar on a website as this is news to me actually and I doing this to learn something new and this is a learning curve for me. I honestly love learning something new actually and just to try something new out. I have my vision with the website changes that I want to make and I know exactly what I wanna do but its hard to put it from the head to paper or the website itself.

                  There is the plan but like I said it is hard to say it on here unless it is on paper and perhaps it is time I put it onto paper so it is in the plans and I know exactly how I want to re do the entire menu bar as right the website is using the generic built in menu bar but this one will be built entirely out of code and from scratch so please do be patient while were building it and testing every single part of it. We want to make sure everything works before we release the new menu bar. I rather have it working 150% then only 75% of the time. I will ask you guys if there is an issue with it to report it on either Twitter, Instagram or email here on the website if there is a problem with a screenshot if the issue. However do not do that right now but I will give you guys the word when to start reporting bugs and issues with the menu bar. I really am going to do my hardest to actually make sure the bugs are all gone and usually I am good about that and I promise to give you a quality product not half built nor half operational as that is not how I function. I give 100% all the time, everyday, 24/7, 365 days a year!


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