Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Definitely On Hiatus!

               So as you know since the start of this month, end of this month, Power Rangers Collab Podcast went on Hiatus and this is more of an update on this situation. Right now it is a communication issue and I took the last few weeks to really think about it and I know their on holidays right now but I asked them and i mentioned this in the last post earlier this afternoon in the late afternoon. This isn't looking good for the future of the collab with him and yes I said him and you know who I am referring to but again not trying to start drama. I think for right now him and I need to fix the communication issues we are having before we continue on with the collab and if we have to I am all for waiting for till the New Year to record. It is all about priorities and right now it is about us getting our communication and any other issues fixed, then we can focus on the collab podcast. Do not worry I am not letting this podcast go anytime soon. I am announcing the extension of the hiatus for now and when we are ready we will definitely be recording here in the studio but we are waiting for right now. I rather get the friendship back on track then let this craziness continue where it is just un-repairable and I do not need this to go to far honestly and lose yet another friend which has happened a ton in the last couple of days. 

                If it is in the New Year then that is what it is but if it is decided that nothing can be fixed then I will be definitely be making the announcement that it is has been cancelled and that I am moving on from it all together. I cannot think about the negative side of it right now. What I am going to do is I am going to continue preparing things for the next one and get a head start on the next one for next year as well this way I am way ahead of myself and all we have to do is record the podcast, then I edit and post it obviously! Either way I have a strong to quite strong feeling that it isn't over yet and we promised that we would be going all the way to Dino Thunder which we will be moving on to whatever if we choose to keep this train rolling and I think we will as I know both Larry and I enjoy doing these even tho we get together for them twice a year which is a very fair schedule as I am quite the busy guy with the other podcast. This break will be good for us to put our differences aside and try and fix the communication issue then we will be talking about the next recording session and it will be all ready to go by that time which is good I am staying productive between now and then. So yes the Hiatus is definite right now, but I am sure it will not last very long.


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