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Monday, February 22, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates! [02-22-2021]

              Another week has begun which means, it is time for another update! As you all know, Big Brother Canada Season 9 is coming up, Chris & Jasmine have been extremely busy getting ready and scheduling the podcast plus working on Dino Thunder as well to getting the notes done which he has been delaying time and time again. However this week he is getting right into this season and making sure that he gets it done by March so they can both get back on track as they are aiming for June for the return of the next Power Rangers Podcast. As I announced the chat community is coming back soon and we are working on the website Community Page as we speak. The planning of the website Community Chat is underway and I am currently working on the outlines for the return of the chat on the website. Hoping this week to start working on the actual website and get things underway as you guys have had no proof we are really working on bringing back our Community Chat. Oh trust me it's coming back just preparing ahead of time so you can chat via Chat on a computer, Tablet, IPad, Android, IOS or even Computer. 
             Podcasts continue to air, Pre-Recorded, Live and Audio ONLY and things are progressing very well with the podcasts and the website has seen a significant growth within the website in views and also some new followers to the blog here so we are definitely seeing that growth again despite the views have been down lately but that seems to have smoothed out since then. With the expansion of the chatroom, this should bring in a ton more followers and viewers. We have checked the main menu bar to see if this Chat Community Tab can be added back on. There will be an announcement to come very, very soon once the site is done and tested properly by myself and Chris. Those are the updates for this week, not much exciting happening. Be sure to checkout the Big Brother Canada All-Stars & Half Returnees and Half Newbies Podcast tomorrow @ 7 pm EST and possibly another podcast Thursday depending on the cast Release for Big Brother Canada Season 9. Until next week, have a great week and I will talk to you all next week.

Charlotte, Site Admin

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Website Talk & Why I Am Not Getting The Views I Use To Have!

               Recently the views in the analytics recently have really dipped down in the views which is greatly concerning to a point I was considering certain actions which I bailed out on. I think you guys were getting confused by the Menu bar changes as you got adjusted to the current one which I can tell you guys, we are reverting back to that version so you guys are a bit happier. Another thing that probably ticked you guys off was the removal of the chat and also Discord Server well you can thank the Trolls for that honestly. However with the recent changes to the website with the menu the views have gone up a bit more recently and that could of had to do with the holidays a month ago as nobody was as active online and it is totally understandable. I admit we screwed up making too many changes all at once and we need to rectify that once and for all. I messed this website up and we're removing pages from the website, production will be moved under About Page and the Team Page will have it's own place on the main menu and as for the Frequently Asked Questions that will, well be moved under the Contact Page.

              You can see there, we have ideas to fix this entire issue and it will just take some time to fix some of the issues. I know we shouldn't be changing things around all the time and we realize that we need to get things fixed and revert to a version of the website we once had since you guys do not seem to be happy whatsoever and we hear you guys and we will make this right again. I sound like Mike Holmes from his reno shows on TV.... LOL! The changes will include The CBOTW Show within the plan and I cannot explain what work is being done on the website exactly at this moment but you guys will know soon enough what we have planned and when we switch over the code to the original coding from before. Anyways that is what I had to say and tomorrow I wanna talk about having Autism and dealing with this pandemic. Next Tuesday I will talk about the plan with The CBOTW Show, I promise. 


Friday, January 15, 2021

Explaining The Coming Soon On The Website Navigation... (Finally!)

              I want to explain the entire "Menu Bar" or "Navigational Bar" finally. I want to tell you guys that this year we will be adding some old content to the Website OFFICIALLY. This content that we are uploading to the website some of your favorite series that Chris once did on that site called "YouTube" which he is now banned from creating as you know because of a former Staff. Anyways, we both been working on this the last 2 - 3 weeks now and been downloading all the video 300 + videos have been downloaded and will be made available on our website throughout 2021 and will be available for you guys to watch and have a blast from the past. We have separate account just for the videos so there is no mix up with the podcasts to the videos.  The vlogs and updates that were on the former TheDirector015 will not be on there. It will be just the series the team did The Entertainment Man Talk Show, Friends of The Entertainment Man and much more. The schedule, we are looking at twice a week at this point and he is looking at Wednesdays and Fridays @ 2 pm EST.

             However right now we are working overtime on videos and downloading and editing the videos so they are ready to go so it will take sometime for us to prepare all of this great content. There will be an announcement when we start uploading up here to the website. This is why there is the coming soon and when we are ready to go that will be changed over to YouTube and will have an array of things on there. We may upload some Behind The Scenes from the Series as we have a bunch of those for 2 of the series. This is exciting stuff that Chris's own website will now house the Archives of his Former Web Series and I believe he has about 7 different series we will be releasing. Any questions to contact us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or the Discord. I am always in there more then Chris is majority of the time and are there to help you guys.

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Website Progressing Well!

              Well we have come a long way from the start of this project. Chris and I thought it would take weeks months to create the entire new menu bar, add pages and what not. I have today, created all the new pages, that special side project and I can say I am finished with that and all we have to is upload what we have planned with it.  Now the next step is I re did the entire archives for the podcasts and is active at this moment.  Also "The Team" and "Frequently Asked Questions" have been created and will be the first thing released when the new Menu Bar is being released which will be in the next week or so. I have to work on the CSS code still and compare notes to the previous CSS so it will help. I should have an update on this by the weekend. We're on the move for what is going to be a bigger and better and it is truly amazing the big ideas we have to help him become a bigger and better content creator. 


             The Website has OFFICIALLY launched the new menu even though we have to reset because I really screwed up to a point Chris wasn't speaking to me for a good 45 mins to an hour but all is good, I'm lucky he didn't unadmin me from the site itself as I kept working on it fixed the entire website and made it better and impressed the boss man in the process. You do not know how bad I felt destroying his entire website setup. So with the Menu bar stress done, we move into the next phase which an announcement is coming a week Friday as Chris continues to work on this top secret project. I know what it is but not allowed to say. You can see a Coming Soon on the bar at the top of the website so we have already in place and ready for the phase of releasing some old content for you OG fans out there. It's coming along and I wanted to update you guys on these plans. I will be talking to you guys Sunday for the weekly updates.


Matt, Site Admin

Thursday, October 8, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Changes!

              I know it's not Sunday nor it's not my manager doing an update post. There is changes to the system we use to have. As you know by now with that announcement that I have gone solo on my own but still have Tiala and also Billy to help out as Moderator and Manager for me but most part no podcasts from other individuals, the projects is mainly me. So with what I have said here are the additional changes that I have made to the website since the changes with the social media:

Website Chat: Since it will hard to continually be active on the website chat on a regular basis and Jim no longer part of the team anymore the desire to have a chat on our website is a lot lower then I wanted it. 

Staff Page: Since there is hardly a team anymore, I've also done away with the staff page but if you wanna know Tiala is a Moderator for my Fan Page and Billy is a Manager for me. You will see him make posts from time to time if I need him too but like I said I am on my own but have help to make sure the trolls are at bay at all times.

Menu Bar and Pages: The menu bar has been tweaked again and pages have been removed from the website, community chat, staff have been removed, CBOTW Gamers Podcast has been removed as well as the RSS feed for that podcast. 

                   So those are the updates and there are a lot of updates to my website and also social and that one RSS feed is now no longer existing. I feel good to still have a Moderator and a Manager and I do not wanna make anymore changes and just go with the flow of things. I am sticking to my word with this and not going to turn back to the old method of having a team at one point. I am keeping it and nobody can change as it is my decision and my decision only and at least it is a ton less stress on my hands and happy in the end. I think it was long coming to these changes and it was definitely time. 


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

I Originally Helped Build The Original

             This is going way back to the early days of us having a .com website or Chris so to speak like 2015 when he got the original which didn't have as many views as it does today to a couple of hundred of views a day which I will get into on another post another day this week as I have several ideas for the week. Anyways I want to go back 5 years ago when we just started out with a .com website, when this all became a reality. Yes we were a year and a half before ending YouTube as a whole but I helped Chris build the website from the ground up, pages added to the website the entire build of what was our very first menu bar which Chris hasn't really spoken about and I think he rather squash the fact he was with that provider as he's had his share of problems where they banned the website for no apparent reason not once but twice in the time which honestly was ridiculous. I'm sure it was being falsely reported but the point is we are with blogger now fully and love the way we have built up this website. 


          So I had a big hand in the build of the ORIGINAL website and have experience with the way runs so maybe that is why he has chosen me to help with the day to day operations while he's away. Now not only that I helped him build this website's pages and menu bar. Wasn't just Mark and I, it was a 3 man operation and there was a ton of work and it took us a long time. Chris mainly tested it and reported back to us as we did majority of the work switching on a regular basis. Either that doesn't matter who work on the website but I have learned a lot about building Menu Bars, CSS Code, IFrame and even building social media buttons within the website. This is how I am familiar with the build of our website. I hope you all enjoyed this story of how I was involved the website before we moved to blogger or blogspot on more permanent basis and I will talk to you guys tomorrow. 


Jim, CBOTW Admin/Community Manager

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Website Menu Bar Was Tweaked A Bit...

               As you know, ChrisBOnTheWeb & is always rapidly changing. There is a reason behind the Menu bar looking different under the Tab, "Podcasts" However I cannot say anything yet as we need to tie up the loose ends for this project. Trust me I had a heck of a night with frustrations and what not working on this and I thought it had to do with the menu coding itself but it wasn't. After 2 hours, I was ready to just give up and force the project to one certain platforms but now that has been resolved now, it's green lit. I really wanna tell you guys what we got in-stored and even some of our members on the Discord Server got to see what we were doing technically. However once we get confirmation and the host is setup and been tested then we will be announcing where you can listen to him on the air and yes I said he. Let's just say it's an old friend from the chat website I use to be involved. Anyways I can hint all I want really. I know you wanna know but soon you all will know whats up and the plan that is ahead for us. 

              However the changes are live here on the website and just scroll over podcasts and you will see the big gap which in time will be filled in. Please patient with us while we continue to plan and get things setup with our new hosts. Mind you this menu bar is still in BETA Testing right now and we're ironing out all the bugs and issues. We're new to the entire building your own and the entire CSS Code thing so please do be patient with us while we deal with all the bugs and issues. Please do send us a message or email if you see any bugs or issues with the website so we can take a look into it. We haven't had complaints but with the recent work we put into the website last night, you never know when a bug will appear on our website.  Anyways I will see you guys tomorrow in our next post.


Thursday, May 14, 2020


                 As you can tell with my recent post on social media, we have officially completed the website work. Every page is up and running and the entire menu bar is functional and working but just the menu isn't too responsive but it works at some point and going to start work in the coming weeks but honestly that is for my website admin to do as most of the work and design of the menu is complete. As you can see there are two Sections: 'Everything About Reality TV" which houses a ton of pages of podcasts we do.  We finally have our "Other Podcasts" which even includes Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast, Entertainment Man Podcast and the Archives of past podcasts. Trust me we can house more and you never know what is in-stored for the websites moving forward, new projects, new hosts. It took us weeks to get the menu to function and drop down but alas we got it working. Still a couple of bugs in it but in time we will get it working. You can use your arrows and it does help for now. 

                 During the construction phase of the page, noticed the number of views have been up lately which is truly a good thing. I looked at the pages and they all have gotten good views. The Hours we put in, the lack of sleep we have had to endured it was indeed worth the hours of hard work and dedication. I'm surprised this big project took us weeks and got it done. Took a lot of patience and we had a couple of bugs to iron out on the pages as it wouldn't save but that is besides the point as everything is now fine. I hope you guys enjoy the rebuilt menu bar that we worked hard in the last couple of weeks and we're excited for what is next for the website. Any issues, concerns or questions please contact is and we can answer any question or concern you may have. 


Friday, September 6, 2019

The Menu Bar and Changes To The Website Are Finished!

               After a couple of months struggling with creating the menu bar here on the website, it is finished. There was a good month or so where I was completely stuck on the website but as you know now it has all worked out in the end where it was the actual design of the website itself. The template was the issue at hand and the reason why it wasn't working this entire time. It never dawned on me as I kept on thinking it was the CSS code that was the entire issue. What do I mean? It was the actual template of the website that was the actual issue so it wasn't a code issue, was a template issue so after switching templates so many times the drop down finally works so it is completely finished and still having a couple of bugs honestly it could just be me for all i know but who the heck knows really knows. Seems to be responsive but it responds too quickly so that could now be the CSS who knows what the entire issue with the website could be or it could just me for all we know so we never know what it could be! One way or another, the major website work to the site has been completed, but there is always room for improvement honestly but we will have to see how I feel and if there is room to improve or not but either way I am happy with the changes.

                  Now with the changes complete the next phase for the website is to get a second host for Everything About Reality TV and I know there was suppose to be another podcast happening but it is not happening now. However I am going to still work on finding a second host and we will be still pre-recording the episodes as we have been down the road. Down the road there will be a podcast that will be going live every second week but that is definitely down the road not right now. It is in the planning stages over the next year or two so it will take some time. However that's for another post to do later when the time but it is a project I am planning on working on right now. I am happy with the final product and yes you probably noticed on the website I tweaked the CSS as well from red background to a blue background as those are the CBOTW Colors.  One final thing I would like to say about the website over the last week or two you probably noticed an "About" section and gives you a brief history about me and what I have done in the past including "The Video Projects Team" Era which was where I got my start with the online media and also my YouTube career with the team and of course with the change in 2016 to podcasting full time instead of YouTube but it is all there on the about section of this website 


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Construction Here On Will Start This Fall!

                  This fall will be the start of a major re-development of the website. Date will come soon. It has been no secret that I have been wanting to redevelop the site and make some major changes to it and it is time for this change to actually happen. I did start the new menu bar which is what I am working on secretly behind the scenes earlier this year but was scrapped due to drop down menu not working and I think I do know the issue behind it and think it has to do with the CSS code. But come October/November when it is done and the testing phases are all done, I will be rolling out the new menu all together for you guys to see. It is hard to explain the exact plan for it as I find it hard to explain what the actual plan is but you will all see once it is done and operating. This is a very difficult project and I know I can do this if I put my mind to it. I had some success but the issue comes to the drop down portion of the build which I think it does have something to do with the CSS but will definitely do some research as I do not know much about coding a menu bar on a website as this is news to me actually and I doing this to learn something new and this is a learning curve for me. I honestly love learning something new actually and just to try something new out. I have my vision with the website changes that I want to make and I know exactly what I wanna do but its hard to put it from the head to paper or the website itself.

                  There is the plan but like I said it is hard to say it on here unless it is on paper and perhaps it is time I put it onto paper so it is in the plans and I know exactly how I want to re do the entire menu bar as right the website is using the generic built in menu bar but this one will be built entirely out of code and from scratch so please do be patient while were building it and testing every single part of it. We want to make sure everything works before we release the new menu bar. I rather have it working 150% then only 75% of the time. I will ask you guys if there is an issue with it to report it on either Twitter, Instagram or email here on the website if there is a problem with a screenshot if the issue. However do not do that right now but I will give you guys the word when to start reporting bugs and issues with the menu bar. I really am going to do my hardest to actually make sure the bugs are all gone and usually I am good about that and I promise to give you a quality product not half built nor half operational as that is not how I function. I give 100% all the time, everyday, 24/7, 365 days a year!


Saturday, May 4, 2019

Stopped Working On The Menu Bar For Now...

            So you will be now wondering what the heck is going on with the menu bar project. Well I think for right now it is on hold at the moment. I have right now hit a snag in the menu bar. I got it setup perfectly but the drop down is the issue it is where it is the drop down. I do not know where the issue is, whether it is the CSS code or within the actually template but the template seemed to be the entire issue really and it will probably need to be figured out and I need some time to think about it and see if I can work something out and see if I can honestly figure it out. So right now I am just taking some time away to try and regroup and try to figure out something else out to what I would like to do but I do have some ideas. One of the ideas is a horizontal menu bar which has worked actually but did not really think about it but the menu wasn't being responsive and even the vertical it wasn't very responsive either so there is an issue with the responsiveness to the menu so I am just unsure to what the heck is going on but I am going to wait till I get more time as this week and next week I have quite a busy schedule with finishing up Big Brother Canada and Survivor Edge of Extinction Recaps for their respected seasons so after that I can work on that afterwards.

               I haven't completely given up on the project but I am planning on trying to fix it and it is a very fickle of project with CSS code and dealing with the infernal template on the website. However I will eventually figure it out and it is growing pains with the website and that is why I have a group of people helping me test it out but never mind on that.  Anyways we test and fix any of the bugs within the website. The website and the community is forever growing and with the growth comes those growing pains as the numbers on this website has been growing as I do not usually brag about this but almost 1900 views last month! So I can see why sometimes things are breaking on the website and maybe has a part of the menu bar partially broken or I broke the new menu and more then likely I broke the damn menu bar so I need to work out the kinks and I am sure it is something that is affecting the menu but I will not give up till I have this website fixed with it's new menu finally.

Oh and also May The 4th be with you! (Happy Star Wars Day)